Meet Anna Anka

Written By bryanboy

Meet Anna Anka

I have to thank my friend Gabi for corrupting my mind with my newfound obsession: Anna Anka. TBH, nothing entertains me more than a foul-mouthed, middle-aged, thin, tall, wealthy blonde housewife. They’re so much better than the faux saccharine sugary sweet youngsters we see on television these days. Glee, anyone?

Anna Anka

Anna’s such a big star now in Sweden. She rose to fame thanks to the tv show “Swedish Hollywood Wives”.

Is that dress an Azzedine Alaïa? Anyway, click click for more!

How many people have their photos beside some crossword puzzle? I took this shot on the free Metro paper while I was in the train in Stockholm.

Anna Anka

“You don’t have a chance, see this? Bring up the money!”

I love how she’s obsessed about sex and she’s also shameless into admitting it.

What does she think about brunettes and dark haired people?

Well, according to Anna Anka, Carmen Electra looks like a busted asshole.

What about our festively plump brothers and sisters?

“You as a woman must being comfortable naked and a lot of women aren’t because they have crappy disgusting bodies. They want all the lights turned off and they hide under the blanket, how sexy is that for a man really?”

Damn gurl. Thank you for the laughs!


  1. i’m sorry bryan but this woman is not the type of woman that needs to be celebrated or be given more publicity. she doesn’t even have a right to be as bitchy as she is. cuz this broad is anything but pretty. Looks wise, she is super mediocre. And the girl has the nerve to diss ANGELINA(the most beautiful actress working today and arguably one of the most women in the world) JOLIE. I’m not a crazed angelina fan. but anyone with a right mind would argue that the woman is drop dread stunning(face wise)..sure, angelina’s body at the moment is super sickly looking but she can always get her Tomb Raider body back if she wants to. But this Anna Anka woman cannot pass of for someone beautiful(no matter how many surgeries she gets). I won’t deny that her body is pretty impressive for someone in their forties but that’s about it. Also, she’s totally wrong about brunettes. I’ve noticed a lot of women who are blond have mediocre features. They rely on their light hair color and bodies to stand out. Brunette women, on the other hand, are arguably way more likely to have a stunning face than blondes. Sure, this is a generalization but to a large degree, it’s TRUE. brunette’s don’t need a bright colored hair to get people to notice them. i personally think this anka women doesn’t believe half the shit she says. she’s just saying it to appear explosive and gain notoriety and fame as a result. at the end of the day, when she looks at her face in the mirror, she knows she’s living a lie. LOL.



    LIKE SHE SAYS ” Peoples opinions are like aswholes everybody has one”

    She is so hot!!! and amart!!!!! and funny!!! real talent!!!

  3. So funny that you like Anna Anka. I’m from Sweden and I love your blog thx for inspiration!

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