A Message to My Readers from Paris Hilton

Written By bryanboy

A Message to My Readers from Paris Hilton

Hey guys! I'm here in Los Angeles.

I've met the amazing (and iconic) Paris Hilton at the Dsquared2/Yoox party at this gorgeous Beverly Hills home in LA. She's so lovely and charming!

It's my first time in LA and it's so surreal to be at her turf. Paris all the way!


  1. OMG! I totally wanna meet you! Enjoy the breeze, Bryan! Sorry you can’t wear your fur out here :(

  2. oh peter pan’s cute…and i really like paris’ sunnies though….she looks the same though..!!!borringg..!!!
    anyways thanks for sharing…

  3. hahahaha you’ve finally met her! remember the days when you use to imitate her and Nicole Richie? haha I still remember your faggotry in motion vid.

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