Spring/Summer 2011 New York Fashion Week Adventure

Written By bryanboy

Spring/Summer 2011 New York Fashion Week Adventure

Fashion week is in full swing and the lovely folks over at Kanon Organic Vodka followed me for a few hours the other day.

Be sure to check out their blog. Keep an eye out for a few entries I'm contributing there!


  1. darn thats really awesome:)! get to see fashionweek a little bit closer than seeing just the pictures.. loving the leopard!

  2. hey B,

    do you know the song that starts at around 1.22??
    i’m addicted.
    love the bangs.

  3. loved your givenchy animal print outfit! yess and can’t forget the shoes. everything!

  4. i’ve been searching for that song for over an hour now.. it’s killing me.. great song.. please let me know if you find it

  5. That’s definitely one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. How about a September Issue version of Bryanboy? I could smell an Oscar…

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