Meeting Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani

Written By bryanboy

Meeting Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani

I've shed tears of joy when Vogue Italia invited me to spend a day with the legendary Franca Sozzani here in Milan. It's not every day you get to spend quality time with one of the world's most influential tastemakers.

Franca Sozzani

Click HERE to visit the Vogue Italia website to see some photos and to read our interview.

I'm gonna post a different blog entry later. It's 3AM here and I need to wake up in a few hours.

Thank you so much to Franca and her team at Vogue Italia for opening your doors to me. I'll forever cherish our moments for life.


  1. It’s bloody sick, sad and depressing how people who studied to become journalists/fashion critics will never be able to sit in the place you were sitting in to present their portfolio to Franca Bloody Vampire Zombie Sozzani, yet you did even though you are a bloody poseur. terribly depressing….

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