Yes, That's a US$50 Jacket

Written By bryanboy

Yes, That's a US$50 Jacket

That's right.

Or, if you like to nickel and dime, the jacket is $49.50, to be exact.

Navy Blue Sergeant Jacket

I've received many emails from people where I got that jacket from after tweeting that photo.

Navy Blue Sergeant Jacket

Don't shoot me (cue eye rolls) but I bought the jacket from teen girl superstore Delia's about two weeks ago. I'm wearing a size medium. Yes, I'm chubby so shut your trap. Haha ;-)

It's not bad isn't it? Especially for a jacket that I would probably wear no more than a few times.

You see, I'm really, really torn about buying clothes.

I like the whole idea of investment dressing, as in, buying expensive designer clothes with quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring and wearing it over and over and over and over and over again until it rips apart.

But I also like the idea of cheap, fast and replaceable fashion. The more clothes the merrier! I mean let's face it, not everyone, especially not me, can afford to drop a couple of grand on a single jacket.

photo credits: thebaghag, delia's


  1. maryelle

    it’s not about what you wear, but WHO wears it! and you rocked that jacket. simple as that. i honestly think you wear it better than the model from delia’s haha

  2. What’s wrong with buying cheap clothes? They look as good and as bad as the expensive ones.

  3. portland

    i think david missed the part where you said you got it from DELIA’S and blinked over that pic where it was being modeled by a GIRL. It’s for girls, idiot.
    Sometimes I wonder about the people who read your blog…

  4. Wear it out until you can no longer wear it! oh and I would never trash my clothes…recycle/donate your old clothes! :)

  5. E’ bellissima! credo la comprerò anche io, devo solo riuscire a convertire le misure per capire qual’è la mia taglia.
    Joke use google translate italian

  6. Nice jacket. It’s okay if you wear a medium, because you’re a guy, not about being chubby obviously. If you wore a small or xs, me thinks that would be unnatural. :)

  7. I cant believe I made your blog I think I just fainted for 5 seconds…love you bryanboy, you are worth rushing out from the hospital to see!!

  8. BrazoDeMercedes

    I’ve been following your blog for years na, and I swear nagiging hunk ka! LOLLL men really do age better.

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