Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk | Hagenaar & Albrecht Remix [mp3 download]

Written By bryanboy

Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Hagenaar & Albrecht Remix)

OK fine. A few of you have been emailing me to do a music post so let me share something that I've been playing a lot as of late. This track is not so new…. I think it's been released earlier this year but yeah, Hagenaar & Albrecht's remix of "Dirty Talk" by Wynter Gordon is one of my faves.

Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk, Hagenaar & Albrecht Remix

Click HERE to download the MP3.

Like most mixes, the track starts slow… the best part comes in the middle. Listen to it and tell me what you think.

I wanna do some dirty things to you tonight.

You're welcome.

photo credit: hagenaar & albrecht

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