Totally Taipei

Written By bryanboy

Totally Taipei

How did your weekend go? I've spent my weekend in Taipei with one of my besties and boy, I have heaps of stories to share. It's my first time to go to Taipei (and Taiwan)… and I had lots of fun. It's interesting because Taiwan is just an hour and forty five minutes from the Philippines but I never really had the opportunity to visit until last week. It's a wonderful, wonderful place and I can assure you I'm gonna do my best to go there more.

Bryanboy in Taipei

Bryanboy in Taipei

Please bear with me as I go through hundreds of photos we took while I try to catch up with work. It's gonna be a very busy week.

Happy Monday everyone!

photo credit: thebaghag


  1. OMG…I was so surprised when I saw these photos u shot in TW @@ Please show us what you shopped n bought in Taipei!!! :D thx~

  2. OMG!! I was so surprised when I saw these photos u shot in Taipei!! Please show us what u shopped n bought in TW :D thx~

  3. Wow, great timing, I’m off to Taipei for the first time on 23rd 25 August, any fashion must buy advice? They have local designers? I’ll stay at the G Hyatt, so pretty central. Thanks

  4. Wow, great timing. I’ll be in Taipei for the very first time 2 weeks from now. Any fashion must buy advice from Taipei? Do they have local designers? Would be great to know. Thanks

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