Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Here’s the view from my seat at the Tiger of Sweden spring/summer 2011 show in Stockholm last week.

Because of a seating mishap before the show started, two high-profile fashion bloggers were bumped off away from their seat to accommodate VIP guest, Swedish professional ice hockey player for the New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist and his partner Therese. One blogger graciously moved to another spot while the second blogger spat vitriol and exchanged stern words with the famous hockey player for being on the wrong seat, without, of course, knowing how big of a deal he is (the sports star). In the end, show producers had to grab special chairs and sat the Olympic Gold medal player and his paramour in the opposite side of the front row. Hint: it’s not me and it’s not my gurl Rumi Neely!

Eeek! I must say it was rather painful to watch!