The Cult of Beckii Cruel

Written By bryanboy

The Cult of Beckii Cruel

While the Filipino online community is going through a ‘bekimon‘ phenomenon, a fourteen-year old British teenage girl who goes by the pseudonym of Beckii Cruel is making waves in Japan. Meet Rebecca Flint from Isle of Man aka  Beckii Cruel.

One thing I’ll never, ever get is this insane Asian obsession with all things “cute” or “girly”.


  1. Crazy. But I do love her bouncy hair and that full tulle skirt! Some cute is what I like, but not all-out. Balance it out with a few contrasting pieces, please!

  2. oh, yeah, we’ve got the same sentiment.
    majority of us asians are obsessed with cuteness, almost saccharine…
    too much kawaii is gonna give me a diabetic coma! lol

  3. I don’t get the fuss either…that is one lucky girl, look where fate has taken her? Honestly I got absolutely bored looking at her video, watching you rock your Kenzo wedge was more interesting!

  4. I never understood either- those damn circle lenses make me sick. You’re human, not an anime character- deal with it.

  5. some of her clothes were really cute, that pink dress and that white skirt with those blue spots, among other items, I liked it actually. but apart from that I mean, I can sort of understand that obcession for the cute and all lovely and bla bla bla, because being an art student, in my opinion cuteness and that fanatsy go very well with a certain mood which is very popular among the asian teens

  6. Ugh. Japanese people basically just adore white girls who look like they’re about 10 years old.
    The girls there have zero backbone and act like they’re 10 years old and the guys are straight-up perverted because of the focus on pre-teen cutesey girls.

  7. matahari

    Yesterday BBC 3 channel aired a programm about her and her attempts to become a teenage star in Japan.Most of her fans are older men between 40 and 55 years of age.Seems it has nothing to do with her cuteness but everything about weird sexual fantasies

  8. I like cute things and I like Japan and then I went there and lived there for a year and now I’m just bored with all the cuteness.
    God, it’s just annyoing now.
    I was there when she became famous and saw her in TV and she was acting just as stupid as the Japanese Teenage stars, except that her voice is not as annoying as the Japanese girls’.
    And like everyone else already wrote, she is popular, because she is cute and because she is a foreigner. (Oh Japanese people LOVE foreigner.) And yes, old men in suits in Japan often are perverts. I went to Akihabara, the electronic district in Tokyo a couple of times and it was soo creepy and disgusting… I’m a foreigner girl, I have a babyface and look like 10 even though I’m almost 17 and I went to school, so I wore a school uniform. I hated the way they looked at me, it made me feel dirty and I really didn’t want to know what they imagined in their heads.
    And I DON’T like her clothes, it’s not fashion it just looks like Cosplay or fake Lolita (not even the real, pretty one). I actually like Japanese fashion, but this just looks like Anime girl.
    I still like cute things and clothes, but another way of cute. Not the cake, sugar, baby one.

  9. Chubbycheeks

    And I can’t understand kung ano pinagsasabi ni Bekimon. So complicated!

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