Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and Style Scrapbook

Written By bryanboy

Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and StyleScrapbook

Here’s a funny video of me chatting to my gurl Rumi of Fashiontoast and Andy of StyleScrapbook at Cheap Monday. It’s kind of embarassing that Rumi and I missed the odd show here and there (oops) but we were early birds at most of the shows we attended.

If you ask me, I don’t mind being early at shows. In fact, being early is the way to go. When it comes to the big leagues, Anna Wintour, for the most part, is usually the first one to go in, first one to go out. Maybe someday I’ll have car service when I go to the shows in NY/Milan/Paris? One could only wish…



  1. i wish i could go to fashion shows in paris!! u r so lucky though… i wonder how to get the tickets?
    i really adore the way to blog and love fashion:-)
    thanks for the nice clip!

  2. Having never been to a true fashion show (my son was in a fashion show at the mall when he was 12 – I don’t think that counts), I wouldn’t know if early or late is better. But as for shows in general – broadway, music, even movies, earlier is always better!

  3. hey, I couldn’t get a hold of you yesterday.. eh, see you in a year perhaps?

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    I wish I was there when you are taping that video. It is one of my favorite parts of the show. I want to see how everything is done before the real show. Thank you for sharing that video.

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