Nazi Buddha Taipei, Taiwan

Written By bryanboy

Nazi Buddha – Taipei, Taiwan

I'm too lazy to search this on google but I must say that this Buddhist temple with the swastika symbol is the first (and last) striking thing that I saw on the journey to and from Taipei airport.

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

It's cray cray isn't it? I'm sure it means something different. I think I've read many years ago about all these kids wearing swastika signs on clothing in China.


  1. Haha! It’s actually something different from the Nazi sign; the Nazis took it and switched it counter-clockwise :)

  2. ermmm actually the Buddhists used the swastika symbol WAY before the Nazis did. I live in a Buddhist household and I see quite a few swastika signs at the temple nearby.

  3. Ambrish

    Yes, I agree with Lucy. It’s a very old sign that actually means peace. As far as I know, the Nazi’s stole it.

  4. Yeah The Buddhist Swastika actually means temple. Its used to mark temples. The Nazis stole and reversed it. I live in Japan and I see swastikas all the time marking the locations of temples on maps. The Nazi’s sort of ruined alot of shit huh. Like the Hitler stash. Absolutist architecture etc.

    1. Passed by

      I’m a Buddhist for 45 years and ordained my monkhood 20 years ago.

      Sorry but you are wrong. Swastika does not mean temple. I guess you took it from map, like Japanese map I saw once.

      In fact swastika means sun, progress, etc. Also real swastika has only positive or at least neutral meanings no matter clockwise or counter-clockwise. This is what Westerners and none Buddhists or even Buddhist who does not study about symbols always misunderstood. You can find some counter-clockwise swastika on statues and paintings long before Nazi even exist.

      It’s just a symbol. Symbol is symbol. It’s us who give it meaning. If we give it good, then it’s good sign. If we give it bad, then it’s bad. For example counter-clockwise swastika had no negative meaning until Nazi took it and then…Bam! It’s means Nazi. Evil, badness, etc. Totally opposite of what it was.

      See the pictures. There are lots of counter-clockwise swastika with no Nazi meaning at all. You can also read it.

  5. The swastika is a religious sign used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
    It symbolizes peace. Adolf Hitler used the same sign but had it turned counter clockwise. He was a destroyer and by doing so he destroyed peace as a symbolic meaning.
    The swastika since become a taboo motif in the western world due to the Nazis but is widely used in the Eastern world as a religious symbol.

  6. udumass

    you’ve just prooved why people think fashionistats are dum- get some fucking culture, the kind that does not come from purchasing couture

  7. The swastika in Buddhism symbolizes the Aryan people, those people who follow the Buddha road to enligtment. Aryan – in the Pali language, the language of the ancient Buddhist scriptures means “noble”.
    The comment above me is sickening – before advising others look at your own ugly self. Who the fuck you think you are? The only one that really suffers from this kind of meanness is you.

  8. Oh my…
    You should read before publishing something like this, please correct this post.

  9. Ok you’re forgiven. Philippines, aside from it’s a world country, is a Christian country. Only a few buddist temple around i guess. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Love and peace.

  10. i am chinese, i can tell you the symbol means peace and joy. China created this symbol way before the Nazi.

  11. U’re wrong, the nazi used the mirrored one from the religious one.
    Lazy to comment and switch to the other post, McDonald’s and Hello Kitty collaboration is not new. It has been going on for decades in Asia, maybe not in the Phillippines.

  12. I dont know much about it, but in school once we had a culture/religion day & the buddhist woman who visited us said that the Nazi took it & made it upside down or something & that it actuallu means peace :)

  13. well to be fair, Brian did mention he was too lazy to google about it and he was sure that it meant something different. Let’s give him that.

  14. I am not going to the above comments, so sorry if it’s a repeat, but the nazi’s took this symbol meaning like harmony and peace (along those line), and turned it onto a slant which caused to be defined by whatever they wanted. yes, so the Nazi’s decided to be lame and take peace and harmony and place it on it’s side.
    I had the same reaction the first time I saw my Japanese friend with that type of necklace-she said she got that freak out all the time

  15. It means something totally different. I thought you would have more thought than to automatically assume it had to do with the Nazis. Haven’t you ever seen the begining of the Davinci Code where Tom Hanks talks about symbols who meanings changed over time?

  16. Informer

    The swastika was originally a buddhist symbol for peace. It was misinterpreted and misappropriated by the Nazi’s, much like most of their mythology about the Aryan race.
    Hope this helps!

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