Kate Moss for British Vogue – September 2010 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Kate Moss for British Vogue – September 2010 Cover

This, my dearest friends, is Kate Moss' 30th cover for British Vogue.

Kate Moss for September 2010 British Vogue

It's her sixth September cover.

Previously, Kate's been on the September 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009 issues of the magazine.

I think we all agree that she's a fashion icon through and through.

I love British Vogue and I know Kate's powerful prowess sells issues but come on…

I'm gonna be honest here. I look at that cover and there's no WOW factor. No element of surprise. It doesn't even spark my curiosity. In other words, it's the same old, same old, same old, same old… multiplied by a factor of thirty.

Yes, we'll most likely buy the magazine not because we see something exciting but because it's British Vogue and you have to get it to be informed.

I just think it's sad that we have to look elsewhere to get what we want from the magazines that we love…

Sometimes I wonder what the magazine industry would be like if everyone in present-day fashion publishing just vanished into thin air (all of them, the whole lot of them from top to bottom) and our favourite glossies got a clean slate…

With that being said, who wants to bet that Kate will be on the cover again on September 2011, September 2012, September 2014 and maybe September 2016?

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  1. British Vogue is nothing compared to French and Italian Vogues. Maybe something to do with the fact that Alexandra Shulman had no fashion background before she joined them. You’re totally right. The only reason people buy it is because it’s ‘Vogue’.


  2. I love your blog, but some advertisement you have put here (in particular the game one after the comments) makes me go crazy! I have a bad thing for sites that play music out of nowhere and it was a pity to see yours down that route.. anyway, sorry for comment not related to your post, just thought maybe could let you know.. have a nice day and all the luck xxxx

  3. I can’t disagree with you, there is no wow factor here but American Vogue is a constant and complete lack of wow factor when it comes to their covers and you never address that. I understand the politics of blogging and that there are many in the industry with ears wide open to your criticism, but please try to be fair.

  4. Dear Sir, am I alone in thinking that Kate Moss’s retirement is long overdue. Of all the Vogue, Vogue UK might be the least inspiring of them all. Thank alo for sharing: I do indeed agree with your comment on the lack of wow factor (or any factor whatsoever, really – this is as bland as…)

  5. Luiz Rosa

    The idea wasn’t pushed as far as it could go. I don’t buy British Vogue, but every time I go Barnes and Noble or Borders I flip through it, and it never has a wow factor. And the rest of my comment is not to justify the boring covers on any of the Vogue magazines, but there also needs to be taken in consideration the fact that the magazine is trying to appeal to as many people as possible. And there are many out there that find Kate Moss for Brit Vogue and Gwyneth Paltrow as daring and fashion forward as it can be. Yet, I agree with Bryan. It could’ve been pushed much further.

  6. British vogu erecently has been fallin ginto the vogue us group, basically just a prestigiosu glossy. Nothing special is happening wiht it anymore, I find myself encaptured by the ads, not theeditorials, and ti si sad. Especialyl given the vey rimpressive magazin emarket here in London, and in comparison to other vogues. AtLeast vogueus knowswhatitis, and isona higher rank incomparison to this i sin it’s country, people who have never even heardofKarl LAgerfeld read this, how heinous! It i stoo aproachable, and I am bored. Sorry for that rant,I just am getting fed up, especially in comparison to what itused ot be.

  7. British Vogue is lagging behind italian vogue. They love Kate too much to make creative choices that readers will love. It is not just the cover. Their articles also suck.

  8. Kate Moss is a face that sells. The cover may not be all that inspiring but still it will sell because of her face.

  9. I could not have said it better myself BB. This is really lame of British Vogue but also Kate. Britain has so many amazing models and they keep boring the hell out us all around the world with the the same person. Who gives a S**t about it being her 30th cover, they should be ashamed and embarrassed that it’s 30 pathetic fashion backwards covers. The editor needs to go, if all her years at BV and this is all she can come up with – it’s so embarrasing, I’m actually laughable! Any person on the street can create a cover as such.

    Let us also not forget, the only important September issue is American Vogue – that is why they made a documentary. I don’t recall Kate ever getting even one September issue. That says it all! So please don’t make out that this being her 6th cover has some significant – it doesn’t. More like a desparate attempt by her posse to keep her relevant – she’s not!

    To a more serious note – How many Italian Vogue covers has Kate has?

    A model at the very top, would not be stupid enough to allow herself to be overexposed in such a manner – nothing exclusive or prestigious about that. But I guess BV is like the Walmart of BV, so it might be a perfect fit! I stopped buying who know when, I can get my information from where it matters.

    My faith is always restored when I know that the team at IV is setting the standards and inspirations for fashion on earth.
    Long live IT!!

    BTW: BB please pass our disconcent to Alex Schulman if you happen to bump into at the shows. You might have to go back to the back rows to find her.LOL!

  10. I love Kate Moss, I am a true fan. But really, I always think British Vogue is far better than US Vogue, at least their covers are in general. Gwyneth Paltrow this month?? Not wow factor there for me. Write about that please….

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