1. Katherine

    Not ridiculous at all! I have something very similar because I am huge germaphobe myself!

  2. That is so intelligent! Come to think of it, our forefathers lived with all kinds of germs around them, we have been fortunate to have protection from the all kinds of germs and bacteria, that ought make us strong!

  3. oh, this is highly encouraged and very useful in Hospital operating rooms.

  4. this is just too much.
    germs are a good things. they help build the immune system.
    also, if there are germs on your soap dispenser, what does it matter? you’re washing your hands immediately after touching it! hahahaha
    so dumb.

  5. We have these in the office. Perhaps bb never really worked in the office. I hate you.

  6. Wait a minute..if you wash your hands it means you already do have germs on them..and since you press the pump with dirty hands, chances are the germs which are on the pump are the same you have on your dirty hands.
    So, what’s this thing for?

  7. pointless, unless you have a sensor operated tap as well.
    it’s not about not touching the soap dispenser, it’s the
    tap handles you need to worry about.

  8. yees, the tap handles you have to touch after you wash your hands and they’re all nice and sqeaky clean hahaha

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