Halle Berry for Vogue USA September 2010 Issue Cover

Written By bryanboy

Halle Berry for Vogue USA September 2010 Issue Cover

Here it is… the cover we've all been waiting for. Forty three-year old Halle Berry is the star of American Vogue's September 2010 issue.

Halle Berry for American Vogue Cover September 2010

First impression: WOW!!!!

Second GLANCE: WOW!!!!

Third look: Woah, that is some SERIOUS jawline…. and the neck.

What a glamorous cover. The haircut suits her well, too. Very sharp.

However… I think I'm the only one who will say this but isn't she supposed to be a black woman? She looks a few shades lighter…

I can't wait to see the magazine in print. I love Halle Berry and of course, I love American Vogue.

photo via: usa today


  1. She’s biracial… so she is a couple of shades lighter. She is stunningly beautiful…have loved her since I saw her in Jungle Fever. So glad the suspense is over!

  2. Wow she’s a star we haven’t seen in awhile on the cover. Very proud of ms. Wintour and excited to see the spreads inside! :D

  3. i love the fact that it’s a different actress..but i’m not the biggest fan of the hair

  4. They haven’t done any justice to her, she is such a beautiful women. Not digging the bob or the pose or the gold backdrop.

  5. I do not mind thehair, butonly for a cover, I could nto imagine this in real life with jeans and a tee. She doe slook amazing in th ehaircut, but she looks amazing in probably every hair cut, no? I’m glad it i sdifferent, in a good, a very good, way for US vogue, but I am still holding out hope for a model cover, an dno katemoss or gisele, a real, working model. I do however, LOVE the cover, veyr powerful, I prefer it to many other covers I have seen so far.

  6. Am I the only one that truly dislikes the cover, the hair, the stupid half-smile and the VERY weird eye?

  7. That haircut looks fantastic on her. I’ve been dutifully checking various magazine and book stores to see if this issue has arrived yet! I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful September issues from my favourite magazines.

  8. shes mixed race
    and even so there are black people that light…they come in all deiffrent shades….not jus dark…come on bryan boy

  9. Halle is biracial so of course shes gonna be light skinned. How come whenver a black woman gets photographed ppl always say that she is photoshopped to look lighter.

  10. “isn’t she supposed to be a black woman”???? have you never seen halle berry before? did you think she was black like the crayola color? Geez! Blacks come in all shades and she’s bi racial, not photoshopped. So surprised you would make such a dumb comment.

  11. I love the hair. I think it’s something that only truly beautiful faces (or at least, beautifully-sculpted faces) can wear. Love Halle…

  12. Katherine

    I know what kind of ignorant statement is that?! She is a few shades light…isn’t she supposed to be black. People come in all colors keep that ignorance to yourself and stick to fashion not racial commentary.

  13. when black people finally could be in show biz and movies only the people with lighter skin were allowed…and years later the trend continues. ignorance has grown sooooo much.

  14. marimusing

    She’s not that dark as she’s only half black. Her mom is actually white and looks like a natural blonde. I don’t understand why is Barack Obama black and Halle Berry black genetically they are equally black and white!

  15. LMAO. I take it you arent around a lot of Black people (as the comment reeked of someone who only has things like fashion on the brain). Good thing you have this blog. You fit right into the narrow-minded genre in which you breathe.

    Halle is a biracial woman and Black people come in many shades. Mariah Carey is half black just like Halle and look at the difference in skin tone. Your comment is as ignorant as saying “To say he is Asian, he’s not that short.” “Why doesn’t he have a monolid? He’s supposed to be Asian.” Obviously with genetics these things vary. Get a clue Bryan.

  16. SHE IS MIXED RACE. Mixed race people are HALF black and HALF white. I don’t understand why mixed race people are automatically labelled “black” when they are half of each.

  17. orders4moose@hotmail,com

    Yes I AGREE, that statement was ignorant and seemingly racist. Frankly I think he should apologize. Obviously he isnt intelligent enough to realize black people come in a variety of tones. Im gonna pput this on my facebook. TOTALLY DISGUSTING

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