Dunhill Nanocut. What Kind of Fuckery is This?

Written By bryanboy

Dunhill Nanocut Cigarettes

Check out this pack of Dunhill Nanocut cigarettes I bought in Taipei and compare it to my usual Marlboro Lights cancer sticks that I got in Manila.

Dunhill Nanocut Cigarettes

Those teeny tiny, size 00 pro-ana tobacco sticks greeted me when I opened the pack.

What kind of fuckery is that?

I don't understand this whole concept of 'diet smoking'.

In any case, I want to quit smoking though. I'm giving myself two years, tops.


  1. don’t say you dont know about the very thin, longe, completely white cigarettes that have “vogue” printed on the filter (because that’s their name…)?

  2. 盐雾腐蚀试验箱

    Or quit smoking, smoking is harmful to health, to be responsible for their own lives

  3. Smoking is really bad for you, your health, how long you live, your skin, your hands (discolouration), your teeth, your voice, your boyfriend’s, firend’s and people around you’s lives as well. Smoking is bad! I truly do wish you all the best with giving up! xx

  4. You think he doesn’t know smoking is bad? He only smokes because he’s a pretentious twat, who thinks it looks cool when Mary Kate or Kate Moss smoke, so he wants to copy and be cool. Too bad you’re too much of a douche to look cool smoking.

  5. if you don’t get “diet smoking”, what do you think marlboro LIGHTS are? haha

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