Domestic Daddy is the Gay Bree Van De Kamp!!! @domesticdaddy

Written By bryanboy

Domestic Daddy is the Gay Bree Van De Kamp!!!

Oh daddy.

I don't know about you but it's no secret that my biggest fear in life is to end up alone when I get old. I'm sure if you go to your local gay club you'll see what I mean. I don't want to be like one of them crusty and musky men in their late thirties or early forties, still hanging out at bars and nightclubs, eyeing everyone up. Let's face it — men,  by nature whether gay or straight, are promiscuous perverts who can't keep their pants closed.

My new favourite blogger Christopher (aka Domestic Daddy) proves that not every mature, manhunt-hopping gay man ends up in a leather harness, getting fist-fucked in a sling while high on crystal meth.

Yes, gay men too can happily live together forever with their adopted daughter (Chris has a cute girl named Julia), have three homes (San Francisco, New York City and the Hampons) and make Moroccan chickpea salad, Pisco Sour, Elder Collins and Caipirinha.

Christopher aka Domestic Daddy

If you haven't seen it, check out

He's like the gay version of Martha Stewart and Bree Van De Kamp combined! I'm warning you… his website is all rainbows and sunshine and unicorns. Truly aspirational.

Chris is also on twitter. How can you not smile when you see tweets like "daddy made gazpacho today" or "daddy served halibut with romesco sauce last night"? Follow HIM.

There's hope, young gays, there's hope.


  1. “Let’s face it — men, by nature whether gay or straight, are promiscuous perverts who can’t keep their pants closed.”
    You are wise beyond your years Bryan.
    They’re not all perverts though … I’ve found.
    I wouldn’t worry about the ending up alone thing though …
    you’re simply too lovable.

  2. matthews

    omg, I love him’re right BB, apparently there’s hope out there

  3. @chicspace

    WOW he’s fabulous. Thanks! Following him on twitter and bloglovin now.

  4. Sebastian

    okay yes, but no… Please… A picture with a dog out of the big car, the shine of hapiness glittering everywhere… I think u are right when u speak about Bree Van der Kamp, it’s look marvelous but inside it’s not shining as much as we think.
    We don’t know if this “daddy” don’t go out to have sex with young sexy fellas :-)
    I think being just a little bit more realistic help in life, either I found that’s kind of life interesting and I’m sure he’s pretty happy.

  5. love the ” leather harness, getting fist-fucked in a sling while high on crystal meth.” soo true.

  6. I’ve been with enough men to know appearances count for nothing. He has this adorable domestic image, but don’t jump to conclusions about his love life. I meet so few gay couples that are not in an open relationship to some degree.. I’m sure he and his man get down and dirty (probably sans meth) whenever they can find a babysitter.

  7. Omgomgomg, i needed this! I love this! Thank you for this! I thought I was the only one. Are we really so desperate for one night of craven depravity we are willing to throw away dreams and fairy tales and love! This brightens my day! Even though I am still a pervert, this is worth it. He probably bottoms while wearing a quirky yet tasteful apron… still love it. I want to bake, frost, serve, have my cake and eat it toooo. Let a boy love, let a boy dream!

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