Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers

Have you seen these swarovski crystall cell phone cases and covers?

ELECTRIFYING! I DIED when I saw these in Taipei. DIED. DIED, I TELL YOU.

It’s no secret that the Chinese adore anything that’s glittery and shiny… cellphones are not spared from this dazzling love affair.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal cellphone iphone cases covers

There’s more where they came from. Click click click!

These crystal-studded cases are all over the place in Taipei. I often see them in mom-and-pop clothing and accessory shops. They usually feature Hello Kitty or other Asian/Japanese characters.

Swarovski crystal cell phone cases for iphone

Swarovski crystal cell phone covers and cases for iphone

Yes, they even have Care Bears, too.

Swarovski Crystal cell phone case

Amazing, no?

Seeing these cases made me wish I had an iPhone instead but I love my Blackberry Bold.

Also, look how fine the crystals that were used in those pre-made cases. They also glued them tight!

I had a customized version because I had a BB.

Those cases don’t come cheap.

But then again, Taipei is not exactly the most affordable place in the world either.

I’ll definitely try to look them up in Bangkok or Beijing/Shanghai in the event I go there sometime in the future.