Creed Aventus

Written By bryanboy

Creed Aventus

As much as we all love and adore fashion, sometimes you just have to leave fragrance to the people do it best. Creed, purveyors of fine fragrances since 1760, just released a new scent for men: Aventus. I know it sounds a wee bit patronizing (yes, I'm a BIG fan of Creed fragrances) but Aventus is the best men's fragrance I've owned to date.

I love fresh and fruity scent. A spritz here and there reveals a carefully concocted melange of blackcurrant, bergamot, Calville Blanc apples, pineapples, roses, jasmine, birch, patchouli, oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla. The longer it stays on my skin, the more interesting it smells.

Creed Aventus

Trust me, this is gonna keep me happy for quite some time.

Pick up a bottle online at the Creed Boutique or, if you live in the USA, visit Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.


  1. ah yes creed virgin island water is definitely my favourite fragrance of all time. It was ck1 but since buying a bottle of the eau de toilette (im poor and only 15!) and it comes off after literally 20 MINUTES I am only going to wear creed and such like ever again. fuck you ck.

  2. Fashion brands typically use perfumers to create their scents. The scents even often belong to the perfumer. I agree with you however that perfumers’ perfumes are usually far better. My favourites include Guerlain (of course!), Roger & Gallet, Penhaligon’s, Caron… I have yet to discover Creed.

  3. Scent is ok…kind of get a burnt rubber smell at the dry down. My favorites remain to be Millesime Imperial and Green Irish Tweed.


    Mine is Erolfa and Tabarome Millesime…Creed forever. BTW Silver mountain too.

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