Crazy Cocktail Rings [video]

Written By bryanboy

Crazy Cocktail Rings

Check out this video I took of some really cray cray cocktail rings I saw at a shop in Taipei. I’ve lost a few days’ worth of sleep over them.

The rings are soo beautiful but they’re so expensive. We’re talking about US$400 and up, as much as US$1500+ each! These are not your ordinary fancy jewelry. Some were made using semi-precious stones and the craftsmanship is incredible.

A friend and I found it funny that we were complaining how expensive they were… because the shop is just an ordinary stall. I can’t even imagine how much these would go for if they were sold at a store in North America or in Europe.

I dunno. There were a few pieces that I really, really want but I had to walk away empty-handed because I have other priorities can’t afford them whereas my friends who can afford didn’t buy them because really, the prices were too much for what they were.

Ah well.


  1. The rings are AMAZE, but yea I can’t afford them either. haha.
    But I’m all for big, gaudy rings. The bigger & flashier, the better!

  2. {hi from california} woo!!! so happy to read through your fun experiences in taipei!it’s a beautiful,crazy and vibrant city^__^ {i guess that part of the reason for the overpriced cocktail rings is because some are made of precious asian stones…} SO VERY COOL!

  3. It’s not always true that items are less expensive outside of North America, Europe or Japan… Even if found on a market stall. There are some ‘tourist special’ prices, really! I remember the disappointment of some friends of mine: they had bought stones in Malaysia, at a “bargain price” and realised that the stones would sell for a third of the price in Paris! Same goes with cameras (less expensive in Paris or London than in Singapore).

  4. Great video, you always share the most amazing things with us. I didn’t know they make such gorgeous jewelery in Taipei. Those rings are pure eye candy; so beautiful, loved it.

  5. blingerie

    i so love cocktail rings, and yes, the rings are so beautiful. Too bad I can’t afford them either. *sigh*

  6. How it is in these shops is that they look at the people looking at the stuff. if you look rich, the prices go up. if you’re white, the first quotation price is high. if you’re brown (like BB) they price will be lower, but what you wore on that day probably gave you away!

  7. tookul4skull

    WOW those rings were exquisite. I especially LOVED the red lips, get it get it girl!
    Fun times….Also make sure to check out this blog (its supa kawai desu) great perspective!

  8. gorgeous rings reminds me of the dior fine jewelry line but I’m sure Dior is way more pricey because its real, and the craftsmanship is beyond. btw I love your voice, you sure your not from cali…

  9. If I were you I would just save up for a Christian Dior Haute Joallierie ring someday instead. Now that’s gorgeous! I wouldn’t trust rings from a stall.

  10. Ok, where can we get these rings wholesale? Really need to look into this BB! I will chk in HK wholesale market! As long as we buy 5 of each and pick up 5- 10 styles, we can get it cheaper!

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