Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves [listen now or else]

Written By bryanboy

Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves

It’s not an every day occurrence that I get chills running down my spine from listening a track. Remember the video I took during Chanel FW2010 haute couture?

Ladies and gays, I present you “Knight Moves” from Chilly Gonzales’ new album “Ivory Tower”. It won’t be released until September 14 August 23 (at Colette). Here’s a preview of the track… Trust me, I’ve searched long and hard and I still couldn’t find the full version.

Listen to it and tell me what you think. I’m gonna terminate our friendship if you don’t.

Amazing, no?

I guess we’re all gonna have to wait until the album is released. Can’t wait to buy it.


  1. best album of the year, without a doubt!
    (ps – it’s out on August 23rd, not September 14th!)

  2. Stanley

    You are super amazing to able to find this soundtrack !! Was searching for this song when I saw ur youtube vid on the Chanel HC FW 2010 !! THANKS TONS for the info !

  3. I felt the exact same way as you did when listening to this amazing song!!

    Yesterday I found your video on youtube and I was so thankfull cause your video had an amazing sound quality and now this!



  4. Agreed! But why don’t you just try recording the music from your computer from the video? That would do all of us a huge favor :)

  5. I love this track! As always, great find, you always pick the best tracks. You astound me with your selection sometimes. :)

  6. This is really amazing. You have good taste in music.
    I had a chance to watch Chanel Couture Fall 2011. It brought me to tears. It was just amazing. It was empyrean.


    You have an interesting and smart point of view on fashion and music, and i like it !

  8. Lindsey

    OMG I love Gonzales, he’s ahhhmazing!!! if you cant wait for his new album to drop check out his previous one, Solo Piano! One song in particular, Basmati, is equally powerful and moving! Love love!! Awesome find BB!!!

  9. Gonzales is AMAZING!!! I want to be half as cool as him. Thank for sharing his talents with your audience :) <3 bb

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