Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

Written By bryanboy

Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

Look who went chav scum! I had to haul this much stuff with me when I checked out of the hotel to go to the BF's.

What's your favourite caption?

  • "I'd take you down a darkened urban alley and facefuck you, sure."
  • "Those trainers are the sort of things middle-aged Americans wear. Love has drained you of fabulous."
  • "The Bryanboy Luggage Collection is available exclusively at Walmart."
  • "Ecstasy dealer isdatchu?"
  • "All you need is a VW badge around your neck and the look is totally Madchester circa 1992. It's not fashion-fail, it's fashion guru ahead-of-the-curve amaze."


  1. i have a question for you, bb. with that vuitton trunk, do you get jealous stares from people at the airline check-in desk? and when you do get them, do you hav “honey puhlease. the lugagge? come on please stop staring” written on your face and be all graceful like your sugar daddy’s some rich russian asshole
    are you like “dayumm. uh huh, that’s right bitches i make more than you do. now look away” cause i know i’d be the latter. hahahahaha jk.

  2. I have no words to describe thi sjuxtaposition of the louis and the addidas.

  3. Hi. May I know what model of nike are you wearing in this pic ? thx. Mauro

  4. Joy Chou

    Caption: Go ahead little boy, I’ll drop this side-stripe number for you anytime.
    Or perhaps that’s slightly too creepy and we should just go with your first caption?

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