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Bryanboy's Blingberry

Speaking of Hello Kitty, look at what I did to my boring ol' Blackberry Bold 9700. Yes, I got a lovely customized crystal-studded battery cover for my phone.

Sorry for the bad shots. It looks much, much better in real life.

Bryanboy Blingberry

Swarovski crystal studded cell phone case

The BF asked me why I (in his words) "pimped" my phone when I showed it to him.

Well… y'all know my history with cellphones. I've lost 6,093,002 phones this year because of my negligence. I've left phones in cabs, hotel rooms, etc.

My dad recently told me I should get a strap and put my phone on my neck to avoid losing them.

So that's what I did in Taipei. I bought a crystal-studded strap and attached it to my phone.

A few minutes later, I saw all these crystal-studded iPhone cases (which, btw, are NOT, I repeat, NOT cheap) so I went to this shop and gave them my Blackberry case where they customized it overnight.

I paid about US$160 just for the customized case alone. I'm sure you can get it cheaper in China or Bangkok but what am I gonna do? I was in Taipei and if I don't get it done right then and there, I probably won't have the time or patience to do it in the future.

Anyhoo… I was disappointed at first because the women at the shop used a different shade instead of the blood-red crystals I wanted. They also used bigger stones instead of smaller, fine crystals.

But you know what, the end result wasn't THAT bad. I could live with it.

Not happy with the bling, I attached all these key charms to the strap. I found them at a stall at some random underpass.

I told a friend that from now on, I'm gonna buy some sort of a charm at every city I go to and attach it to my phone. The more the merrier.

I know it will eventually weigh a ton and look like a fucking Christmas tree but you know what… the chances of me misplacing this phone are slim to none.

I don't know what I'm gonna do to myself in the event I lose this phone. It could only mean one thing: cellphones are not for me.

But until then… I LOVE MY PHONE!!!!

What do you think?


  1. Love the concept of the charms for every city! Brilliant, and I’m sure like a year from now, it’ll be an iconically cute and endearing part of your personal style. You go BB!

  2. John Rey

    Why Hello Kitty??? Should’ve just written VAKLA VERY!!! Now I think I should do that to my phone. LOL!!!

  3. Chubbycheeks

    Hahaha by the end of the year you’ll have so many charms na you won’t be able to find your phone it’s guna be buried underneath all those things!

  4. Despite sitting in starbucks, the line about it making your cell phone look like ‘a fucking Christmas tree’ made me smile really big. I love your honest words!

    Sofia Leo

  5. oh god ! super super cute ( ´艸`)
    i do the same thing this summer in japan
    but now i’m back in france and french guys are not near to accept a man with this kind of mobile

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