Bryanboy for Vogue Türkiye

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy for Vogue Türkiye

During the spring/summer 2011 menswear shows in Milan, I had a chat with the lovely folks over at Vogue Turkey. Click HERE to watch the interview. There's a slight problem with the way they captioned the questions but check out the video anyway.

Bryanboy for Vogue Türkiye

I STILL have lots to learn… like how to express myself eloquently, for instance, so I don't sound like a rat going around in circles haha. AND I NEED TO STOP SAYING "y'know".

Ah well, video interviews aren't really my strength but whatever. I had fun that day!

The stunning, va-va-voom bling bling jacket was made by Frankie Morello and it's from their women's fall/winter 2010 collection.

Thank you so much Vogue Turkey for the opportunity!

screenshot via: Vogue Turkey


  1. Saw the video, I think you speak really well and it’s obvious you are born to do this. That is covering fashion from another perspective, a fresh, new, different, fun and interesting one.

  2. Yeah what are you talking about?! You sound great! Please don’t turn into one of those scripted boring people who do video interviews. It was cool that you took time with each question and told a story. Your honesty is also amazing — keep it up! I’m so proud of you! I pretty much started reading your blog in 2006 before you really blew up so I feel like I’m watching you grow up and do amazing things. I’m REALLY proud of you! Stay balanced, healthy, and well!!!

  3. y’know?! lol..that is so third world.
    good job tho..grace under pressure. its funny when they asked you whats your impression of vogue…thick n heavy!!!! lol
    well, your bryan boy now so whatever works…works!!

  4. Bryanboy! You can BARELY notice the “y’know”! It’s just a self-conscious thing :p I do that too (aka kicking myself) after listening to a recording of me talking. You’ll get plenty more opportunities
    This was the first time I saw an interview of you, and I must say, you are an entertaining person!
    Love you!

  5. y’know? y’know. y’know! ok gir, time to be more articulate, yknow?!


    I love the comment you gave about wanting a Turkish girl on the cover of Vogue Turkey. I was strangely relieved when you didn’t say, “Oh I love it, it’s so cool.” or whatever. I appreciate your candor (about everything)! And don’t stress about the “y’know”s too much, you’re fabulous!

  7. taintedjane

    great video!

    and i could see what kinda room you were in thru the reflection of your fabulous sunnies, nice.

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