Blast From British Vogue's Past

Written By bryanboy

Blast From British Vogue’s Past

Wow, my entry about Kate Moss’ cover for British Vogue brought an influx of interesting emails. Thought I’d share this note from my reader John F., who also sent me photos of his favourite covers.

Hi Bryan.

I agree with your comments about British Vogue. I’ve been writing to them for about 2 years now asking for them to raise the bar on their creative side particularly with the covers. I believe British Vogue was at it’s best in the late eighties and early nineties when Liz Tilberis was at the helm. Why to they always opt for the pretty celebrity blonde with the crowded hot pink or red typography? Some of my fave covers attached..

Love your blog

Out of his personal selection, I love this.

British Vogue Cover

Those were the days eh?

Reminiscing the past from time to time is great but it’s all about moving forward.

Meanwhile, click HERE to see a preview of what’s inside the September 2010 issue of British Vogue. There’s a gallery highlighting what’s inside the magazine. I will, of course, pick up my copy because Vogue is Vogue is Vogue is Vogue afterall!


  1. That is not only British Vogue.
    Look at US Vogue……
    All blond celebrities…seriously? It makes US vogue like OK with fashion shoots.
    I stop getting US Vogue this year.

  2. god us vogue is so much worse and i think the new cover isnt too bad. ANYWAY I would like to complain about the talking ads on here that I dont know how to switch off. I’m trying to watch grey’s!!

  3. I totally agree with John F! I’ve been buying UK & US vogue & US Harpers since the early 90’s, but in the past few years have become so bored with the uninspiring celebrity and Kate Moss covers and same old editorials.
    I’d much rather spend my hard earned cash on vintage Liz Tiberis editions and use blogs and websites like Net a Porter for my shopping & fashion inspiration.

  4. I have to applaud John, I wish I had the courage to writein to Vogue Uk and ask them to make a change, too. I may onyl be 16 years old, but that shouldn’t stop me writing. I understand we have ot move forward, but when the cover of Vogue uk, and as other people have clearly said, and I agree, Vogue US, are not only not moving, but are staying in the past, not even the present. besides that, what is the future without the past, and if thepast is so great, as this cover clearly shows, then why look forward?
    Thankyou Bryan boy formaking this post, and thankyou JOhn for inspiring it, I think wecan all takeinspirationa nd aspire to Love and fight for fashion as Much as John clearly does.

  5. Thanks I do have a point..great to hear your comments everyone.
    I’m totally with you on the moving forward thing Bryan and this is not about nostalgia it’s about beauty and creativity over celebrity. “It’s Vogue let’s lift it”.

  6. So I do have a point?..thanks guys. I’m with you on the moving forward thing Bryan and for me it’s not about nostalgia it’s about creativity and beauty winning out to celebrity. “It’s Vogue ok? let’s lift it”

  7. Those were the days indeed but it is not time for nostalgia. The past must serve as an inspiration – it should not be copied. In general, the British magazines have become less and less high quality over the past twenty years (they would call this: “widening the readership”, “reaching out for the readers”; some might call this “dumbing down”). They are now all about oversaturated pictures, taken by not-so-good photographers, and with a lot of red and yellow titles in family-friendly fonts (I think that following the current trend we should soon see British Vogue’s titles typed in red Comic Sans).
    Vogue UK should have a look at their own history, and their DNA but also at what Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Vogue Italy are doing; at what the (relatively) new kids on the block are doing too: WAD, Citizen K (I doubt they can raise their game to that level), Numéro, Fantastic Man… or closer to home at ID, Dazed and Confused (I know they are no longer cutting edge at all but show that innovation is possible even in London), Wallpaper, even Monocle (though their covers are different in style)…
    There is a lot of good fashion and design press across the world which is innovative, high quality, about beauty and style. Some magazines even manage beautiful pics of slebs (even Kate Moss)! I am sure Vogue UK can do it. Will the audience buy it is a different question.

  8. Davidikus you surely do have a point, but I take exception to your comment about “innovation being possible even in London”.

  9. tatjana patitz.. extraordinarily beautiful german supermodel circa 1989/90

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