All Saints

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All Saints

Ahhhh All Saints. I've heard of this British label ages ago but it's been on my radar an awful lot recently. I think I have my friend Fabian to blame. He had this cute leather vest when I visited Berlin in July… and over the weekend when I went to Hamburg, he had this ferocious men's bomber jacket.

I visited their site to see their men's clothing selections and All Saints didn't disappoint.

Men's Clothing by All Saints

… and I fell in love with this one.

Leather Bomber Jacket by All Saints

Nice eh? It's a bit pricey at UK£350 but if you compare the prices of other brands, £350 is actually very, very reasonable. You'd be looking at least four figures if you go high fashion…



  1. I wouldn’t get it if I were you! I worked in House of Fraser, a big department store in the UK, last summer and I was employed by All Saints. The quality of their clothes is NOT worth the price tag, believe me. I’m only 17 so I can’t exactly afford to splash out on clothes, but I bought a few things because I thought they would be good basic pieces to have, but the quality isn’t great. Wouldn’t do it if I were you, honestly.

  2. yea all saints is brilliant i hope they dont become to popular tho :P i actually write about all saints on my blog

  3. Price is always relative Bryan… It depends on the quality, how long you think you are going to wear it etc. Ten years ago I bought a £300 leather jacket by Lanvin (yes, I had a huge discount) and a £50 woolen jacket by Zara. I still have the Lanvin and it will last me at least another ten years, hopefully more. The Zara jacket died within a year of wearing it – in any case, the design would have been out of fashion very quickly. The estimated cost of the Lanvin jacket will be £300/20 year and the cost of the Zara jacket will be £50/1 year. Lanvin: £15 per year, Zara: £50 per year. Which is the cheapest jacket, now?

  4. Love All Saints! They always give you that edgy feel in a stylish yet as you said no so overpriced items.

  5. The price will seem good but the quality is not so. I know from experience of owning 20+ garments by them, wearing them a few times and then the hems fall away, the colours fade, the garments shrink etc etc. I vowed never to buy from them again.

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