That Doesn't Make You A Model – Punchrobert [watch or i'll cut your face]

Written By bryanboy

That Doesn’t Make You A Model

I found my future husband.

“Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful.”


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  1. phoebe

    isn’t he the guy from step up 2??? by the way this is so true… i hate it when girls pucker up their lips on their profile…. LOL…

  2. Sarcastic, Funny, but Brilliant!
    Yeah..He is definitely your future husband bryan!

  3. Sarcastic, Funny, but Brilliant!
    yeah..He is definitely your future husband bryan..

  4. looove robert hoffman!! awesome dancer and all around dreambout!! Loved him on Step-Up2 and She’s the man.

  5. THIS GUY IS MY BEST FRIEND! OMGG YES! This made my day. And all those featured “models” in the video, please get yourself to a legit agency’s open call and get hit with the truth. I really hope they don’t get set up with scams :/

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