Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance Shocker

Written By bryanboy

Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance Shocker

John Galliano is releasing a new fragrance this fall and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey), yes, that Taylor Momsen, is the face of the advertising campaign.

Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance

My first reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
My second reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
My third reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
(Ok, that's a lie)

Is big Papa John back to his shock-and-awe tricks cause let me tell you, I'm in shock but I'm definitely not in awe.

I love John Galliano with all my heart but this is just disappointing. Taylor Momsen? Really? Has it really come to this?

No, it doesn't smell like teen spirit to me.

It smells like the final nail to the coffin if you ask me.

Sorry but for now, show's over.

photo via: just jared


  1. Well she’s just a child, you have to remember that she’s just a child promoting an image and fashion is all about imaging. Even if she’s being herself, she is disturbed obviously, and sooner or later is likely to have a breakdown. It’s normal for some troubled teens to go through troubled times when they’re still trying to figure out themselves. Discovering their identity is a big deal for them, and I guess for celeb teens, they are even more vulnerable. I have no love loss for Taylor Momsen, just trying to be objective here, coming back to the point, it’s all about imaging, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, it just has to be strong and thought provoking (provocative?).

  2. Im also in shock, i mean, really??
    Taylor, really??
    After this, everything is possible. What a shock!

  3. Well well, i know Gossip Girls sells everything but i mean, really, taylor m., really??!!No way!
    After this , I started to belive everything is possible and not exactly in a good way…
    What a shock!!

  4. That is truly disappointing,
    Is she not also the face of the spawn of Madonna’s “Line”? (vomit another cash grab from celebu spawn with no talent taking away from legitimate designers and yet again degrading the world of fashion)
    Good God Galliano, there are so many absolutely amazing/gorgeous and
    LEGITIMATELY talented individuals out there that could
    not only promote a better brand image,
    but just plain be better in all aspects.
    I have a bad feeling in my stomach, Galliano is a true genius, but this??
    I will now creep all previous Dior shows involving Galliano and think of happier times.
    & I appreciate and love the fact that you find this just as dissatisfying.

  5. lmfao!couldnt agree more, definitely shocked but certainly not in awe. in fact, WTF? i mean, seriously.. taylor? she looks pretentious enough in gossip girl, so i have no idea how the hell she could possibly be relevant to project a global high-fashion image.

  6. Hannah

    I may only be 16 but for the last 10 years of my life I have been in love with John Galliano (no lie, before that Ihavedogslippers called dolce and gabbana), and tears havejust welled up in my eyes. Vomit has justcome to the back of my throat. What has happened to fashion, and more importantly, common sense? WHY?
    doesn’t anyone remember the tampon string incident, hell – to -the – no. NO.
    If this has really happened I may just kill myself, and what’s worse is that there are so many amazing models who arent high, or coming down or drunk or showing too much, or singing they want to die. Or torturing the world’s ears with their “music”. I do not and never will understand Taylor Momsen, she disguists me, that may sound harsh but she really does.
    If John has gone ot the audacity of even considering her for an ad campaign Iwill avoid any possible place in which I could see it, and frankly, for me, and hopefully others, our love of diro and galliano’s own brand will die.
    Never to return again.
    God I’m more nervous about this than my GCSE exam results.
    p.s. sorry about this rant, I just haveveyr strong feelings towards disgraces like this.

  7. portland

    she’s disgusting. she always looks like she has a stiff neck – or maybe it’s really broken.

  8. Hannah

    Probably out begging rehab clinics to take in her daughter. No means no…….

  9. ugh this photo is particularly bad – she’s just another one of those stars who has lost their image-related way because of the pure fabulosity of gaga. who would have been way more suited to galliano than armani or whatevs.

  10. i couldn’t have said it anybetter Bryan. Shes what 17?? A wannabe courtney love??
    Ugh. She’s rich and successful, everyone can see through her ” tough girl” looks.

  11. Why does everyone Hate Taylor Momsen so much? She’s young, she’s talented, and not to mention beautiful. Granted baby girl could use some make up help but she’s a great singer and who didn’t go through that angsty teen phase? Congrats Taylor, I support you!

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