Singapore Straits Times

Written By bryanboy

Singapore Straits Times

Singapore's largest newspaper, the Singapore Straits Times, published a 'what's in your bag' feature on me last week. They took this shot back in April.

Singapore Straits Times

Thank you so much for the kind words and for the lovely feature!

I love Singapore, I miss Singapore and I hope to be in Singapore again soon.


  1. It seemed obvious you loved SG. Mentioned it 3 times in one statement.

  2. Bryan you’re another fellow Singapore lover!! I’ll be there in two weeks! I’ll send you happy vibes when I’m in Raffles’ Empire Cafe having hainanese chicken (my favourite place for lunch). Actually British but my plan is to be an expat in S’pore once I finish uni. Hope you get to visit the wonderful island soon! X

  3. hi there being a Filipino you re really an artistic in fashion but not only in the fashion but also the way you layout your website

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