Prada vs Miu Miu – Fall/Winter 2010 Campaign Videos [poll]

Written By bryanboy

Prada vs Miu Miu – Fall/Winter 2010 Campaign Videos

The $64 million question is: Prada or Miu Miu?


I *LOVE* the Miu Miu video. It’s so fierce, so cheerful, so uplifting! I think it’s begging to be parodied. I already have my Miu Miu sunglasses. Now I need three gays and a weave. Any volunteers?


  1. heather c

    neither! they’re both too boring in the exact opposite ways (too old, too young). both cliche as shit.

  2. I prefer Miu Miu (maybe only because I just adore Miu Miu regardless) BUT apart from the fact that we know certain items are from the Fall/Winter collections it feels to summery.
    Sarah – London x

  3. phoebe

    the models in prada don’t know how to dance… they suck. i love miu miu

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