Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

Written By bryanboy

Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

At the Boss Black/Hugo Boss show, I had the pleasure of meeting Klaus Wowereit who is the Mayor of Berlin. He’s one of the openly-gay, major European city Mayors — Bertrand Delanoe of Paris and Ole von Beust of Hamburg. 

Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

According to Wikipedia, he coined the famous German phrase ‘Ich bin schwul, und dasist aucht gut so’ which means “I am gay, and that’s all right, too.”

I think it’s fantastic that one could be a politician regardless of their sexual orientation… I don’t think it’s gonna happen in backwater Philippines where the government is still, whether you like it or not, very homophobic.


  1. miss.m

    that is sooo awesome. I am Polish and I didn’t even know bout this.
    PS. can you let me know who are your sunglasses by? they are amazing!

  2. a very cool post, i think he’s such a great guy a we germans can be glad to have him as the mayor of berlin :)

  3. Mark Eting

    hey. and don´t forget, we´ve also got a gay foreign minister in germany and a female chancellor. :-)
    And we still make the best cars in the world.

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