Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

Written By bryanboy

Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

How funny. I saw Jessica "Don't Call Me Latina" Alba at Chanel Haute Couture in Paris just a few days ago…

Jessica Alba at Chanel Haute Couture

… and then she sat a few seats away from me at the Hugo Boss show here in Berlin.

Jessica Alba at Hugo Boss

Don't call her Latina…


  1. “Don’t call her Latina…”
    HAHAHA I remember when she made that comment. out of her effing mind. um, honey you’re only beautiful because of your ethnicity!

  2. Wow!!! The guy sitting two seats away from her (with the locks… dreadlocks) feet are huge!!! I;m not sure about men in sandals but even less so with those battleships!

  3. Can I just say…that dress is probably Chanel, but the fit could be MUCH better! It makes her shape look weird. It flared out from above her waist, which made her waist look bigger. And it’s just so BORING!

  4. Perth Lawyers

    God her so pretty. It is perfect outfit with that red belt. Love love

  5. Devine

    The guy sitting on the right seriously has the longest feet walking this planet!

  6. Identity issues..tsk tsk..hope she doesn’t pass them on to her daughter
    Bryan you have some of the best images and videos on current web and print clear and detailed..thank you

  7. Alyssa

    I have a friend who’s the same way. She’s from Argentina, but tries to call herself white, but she looks MEXICAN. They shouldn’t be racist, especially to their own culture. What morons!

  8. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA the don’t call me latina, never gets old, such a dumb bitch…. I would love to yell at her LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, LATINA, and see what happend….. she is famous because of her beauty, and her beauty comes from her latin roots.

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