Dinner With Jean Paul Gaultier in Red Square, Moscow

Written By bryanboy

Dinner With Jean Paul Gaultier in Red Square, Moscow

I’m still trying to recover from yesterday’s tragic news.

The folks at Vogue Russia just posted a recent video of Aliona Doletskaya having a lovely chat with Jean Paul Gaultier.

Aliona is bad ass! How many chain-smoking, BRA-LESS (?), tank top-wearing, husky-voiced Editors who still looks chic while interviewing a legendary French designer in the middle of Red Square do you know? She’s irreplaceable!

We’ll miss you Aliona!!!!!!!!

Please come to America! There are tons of magazines out there who need your ferocity.


  1. theabraham

    i dunno why but she screams COUTURE! she looks really EXPENSIVE! to be honest i didnt know she existed if it wasnt for you BB, its embarrassing hahaha

  2. I sent u a email to ask u some question:( pls reply me soon
    thanks so much><

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