Carine Roitfeld's Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Written By bryanboy

Carine Roitfeld’s Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Oh snap! A very irate and condescending reader recently emailed me saying it’s a faux pas to repeat outfits at events and questioned why I repeat outfits. Well, try losing your luggage and try not having a gargantuan clothing allowance. Don’t we all wish we can buy anything we want and throw it away to the back of the closet after wearing it once?

At Dior Homme here in Paris, Isaaclikes took a photo of me and Carine (in a VA-Va-VOOM polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress) sharing a laugh before the show.

Bryanboy and Carine Roitfeld at Dior Homme

That Dolce & Gabbana dress is stunning, no?

Wind the clocks a week earlier, I took a photo of Denni and the fabulous Carine Roitfeld at the Dolce & Gabbana menswear 20th anniversary celebration in Milan.

Click click click!

Carine Roitfeld and Denni the Chic Muse

I love it when esteemed fashion editors, like Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, repeat outfits. Both Anna and Carine are especially renowned for wearing the same outfits in four different cities during fashion week: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Would you question these influential ladies for their personal choices? They have access to every designer out there but they still repeat their garments.

I admire those who are able to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ by wearing
things once. Good for them! If you can do it too, good for you. However, I don’t find anything wrong with repeating. Why is it a sin to wear something that you love and adore over and over and over again? If you are a Hollywood celebrity or a well-photographed fashion icon with so much at stake, I can understand the point of not repeating outfits but if you are a third world non-entity, it would only make you pretentious, for the lack of better word.

To the reader who sent me the email, well, it doesn’t require more than two brain cells to be an armchair critic these days but let me remind you (in case you missed the memo) that you’re there and I’m here, in the battlefield. What can one do eh? Perhaps we should switch places… or maybe, just maybe, try to walk in my footsteps? I may not have the biggest clothing budget in the world and I may repeat clothes (to your disappointment) but alas, you will never, not in this lifetime, be in my shoes.

If you ask me, the biggest fashion faux pas is having the
that ‘faux pas’ still exists. Welcome to the 21st century my friends
where anything and everything goes.

Just saying.


  1. Totally agree … nothing wrong with recycling outfits, esp these days when everyone is more conscious of both income and waste/damaging the environment. Besides, it’s sooooooooooo nouveau riche to wear new all the time — how do you get the wonderful patina and wear on a great leather bag or pair of boots like ‘real’ aristocracy of fashion do, without wearing something to death? Person who emailed you obviously not aware of this! LOL :)

  2. Who cares if you repeat the same outfit? As long as you look fantastic in it! The real crime is wearing a fabulous outfit just one time. I’m amazed and weirded out by people who can remember you wore the same outfit twice.

  3. fashionista:london

    Well said BB! It’s all very well for people to say you should wear a different outfit every single day if, like the inimitable Susie Bubble, you are blessed with the ability to endlessly mix and match. But some of us just, well, don’t. Yeah, it might not be imaginitive, but if I know I look and feel amazing in that LBD and ankle boots combo, I’m sure as hell gonna wear it to more than one party.
    This is the era of personal style – just because your style choices differ from someone else’s, it doesn’t mean their choices are somehow invalid and vice versa.

  4. Sarah

    Totally agree BB – I work in Charity Sector and therefor have a small wage and unfortunately for that small wage a huge appetite for fashion. If I have made sacrifices to buy something beautiful then I will make sure that the world appreciates that beauty and beauty should never be experienced only once :)

  5. “The biggest fashion faux pas is having the mentality that ‘faux pas’ still exists”. You couldn’t say anything more truthful. The fact that even people who can buy the most expensive clothes repeat outfits means that if you love something you’re obviously able to wear it everytime you want. And however, I love fashion just because it allows you to be completely free to be yourself and play with your look.

  6. Hello BB It’s been ages since I’ve been hearing about you and your blog but somehow I didn’t manage to read it until just now. It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E darling!!! And nevermind the haters, they will always b there. You have great style, so let the small mentalities mind the small things.
    U rock!!!

  7. beatnies

    cant agree more BB, i cant believe im leaving comments in blogs but I have to show my sincere support for what you’ve said. I remember people ask me why do I wear the same thing over and over again, i would be like, why not? for sth i reli love i believe i can create a connection with my clothes and it definitely contributes to your style, and sorry people who wear ath just once are nothing but pathetic fashion victims. xx

  8. Aldous

    Can I just say save the world by repeating clothes? Go BB you deserve an Oscar for this, no sarcasm. To hell with faux pas.

  9. yea you go gurlfriend!!!!!!! eat that sh*t you third world nobodies!!!! bryan rules!

  10. Hi Bryan,
    I’m glad you posted about this, because I was just thinking about whether I would ever really wear an outfit just once if I was in the financial position to do so, and I know I wouldn’t. There are some pieces and some outfits that I love so much, I could not imagine NOT wearing them over and over again. I think something becomes more you the more that you wear it.
    Carine looks amazing in that D&G dress!
    Nadia @

  11. ‘Faux Pas’ can as easily become a fashion trend as a fashion no no nowadays.
    And I’m glad to see this tackled in public. I hate the outdated notion of one outfit one look one time. Its absurd.
    Your Kenzo jacket for example, to wear it once would be an absolute insult to the designer, the seamstress and all the other people involved in getting it made.

  12. It has never been a sin anyway and most of the time, people who make fun of others who repeat clothes don’t actually own any good ones. This is a free world, if people want to wear one single beautiful damn thing forever, it’s none of anyone’s business. More power to you Bryanboy.
    You do, by the way, make me really excited about being a Filipino who loves fashion.

  13. Honestly, I love it when the world’s most fashionable women repeat outfits/pieces! They don’t treat fashion as disposable and seem to wear clothes they love. That’s the difference between truly loving fashion and being a mannequin.

  14. Omigod it’s about time someone influential like you to say this:
    “If you ask me, the biggest fashion faux pas is having the mentality that ‘faux pas’ still exists.” Hello, whoever thinks it’s wrong to repeat clothes is clearly vain and one big JEALOUS critic. Perhaps they should look at things in so many various angles, because that’s what makes fashion beautiful.

  15. You know I actually respect you more because you repeat your clothes, the essence of value is so important. It shows you are grounded and not some fashion victim and pathetic show-off.

  16. Just started following you- and this post will absolutely make me continue! Never understood this mentality- not repeating an outfit- if you love your clothes so much (as many of us do) how could you stomach wearing once and never again?? 2010- wear what you want, how you want. Bravo! xx

  17. lowell

    who throws away clothes worn only once?give them to me please….

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