Caption This: Bryanboy and French Police

Written By bryanboy

Caption This: Bryanboy and French Police

My panties drop every time I see men in uniform. This time, it’s the French police in Paris.

French Police

Click HERE for the full-sized version. I didn’t know (until now) there was another policeman inside the van behind me. Scary!


So, take your pick.

  • Police raid upon MC Hammer botched Mexican plastic surgery clinic
  • Fashion police finally catch up with “guru” Bryanboy
  • Acting like a cop: you’re doing it wrong
  • Idiot-proof camouflage doesn’t work
  • Police finally catch up with zebra dressed as a gay weather balloon
  • Police give hostile reception to new uniform
  • Budget cutbacks meant producers of “Police Gangbang 4” had to cut corners when hiring the Asian bottom.
  • Bryanboy Live! from Swansea.
  • Black policeman seethes with jealousy at the new arrival of an even more politically-correct recruit.





  1. jp boi

    are you wearing the natural python converse!!

    where`d you get them?

  2. The “Idiot-proof camouflage doesn’t work.” caption works for this picture SOO much with BB werqing those Kenzo print and jacket. Ironic, but loves it! ♥

  3. Hannah

    Last one, no doubt. I went to Paris recently (to visit my ex boyfriend / friend with benefits (kissing only, I’m only 16) number 2 – Lucky me!) and posed with the police there too. Totally the best tourist atraction. The police don’t like it so much though……..
    Italian Police men (caribinieri are my favourite) don’t mind so much, plus they are yummy too…….

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