Bryanboy's September Issue Moment

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy’s September Issue Moment

After all my previous trips to Paris, I finally went to Versailles last weekend. I wanted to dress up for photo ops but I backed out. You have no idea how thankful I was to have worn sensible, very sensible sneakers (and shorts) because I ended up spending nine hours there. NINE hours of walking around!!!

Bryanboy Versailles

Remember this riveting scene with Grace Coddington at September Issue?

Look at this video I took.



  1. Nice! And to complete the homage to Ms. Coddington… A billowy bubblegum pink ballgown!

  2. I went there last summer and got so excited about everything that my nose started to bleed in the gardens! Everything is so beautiful. Wouldn’t you like living there? Aaahhh…

  3. this scene with grace coddington is also one of the most memorable parts of “september issue” to me. sensitive, somewhat sad, but beautiful at the same time

  4. I am glad to know that this is one of your dressed-down looks. Is it me or do you look like a Lampre-team cyclist in this picture? I see it as a Missoni-style to the current Tour de France. Did you enjoy Versailles ?

  5. Josh Moya

    Only 9 hours? The palace was so big it will take more than that to explore the trianons and the full collection. I love your shirt by the way.

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