BROdarte versus Acne

Written By bryanboy

BROdarte versus Acne

It’s Sunday 4:55AM and I’m window-shopping around teh interwebs. I saw this interesting knit sweater by Swedish brand Acne. At US$234, I thought the price point ain’t that bad. 

Acne Sweater

Compare it to this Rodarte piece from last season. Or was it last, last season? Fashion moves so fast these days I have no sense of time whatsoever.

Rodarte Sweater

In spite of the massive online coverage received by BROdarte a few months back, why am I surprised Opening Ceremony is still selling that piece? Oh yes, the $2,800 price tag. DUH! Ooops, my bad.

Meanwhile, I’ve been told that Rodarte pieces, especially the knits, are hand-made. So…

Point to ponder.

photo credits: farfetch, opening ceremony


  1. there are shitloads of rodarte knockoff loose knit sweaters made by hand on Etsy and those are like, $200 at most, so you can get an idea of what the actual labor might cost approximately.
    there is absolutely no way that $2800 price is justified.

  2. stan and kyle

    Our mom’s say a closet full of moths could make that sweater for a lot less money.

  3. Well, Acne is further down the food chain compared to Rodarte. Acne’s sweater is nice, but not nearly as exciting as Rodarte’s: it misses the subtle colour touches, it is too regular (all in all: less well designed – not surprising for a knock off). I doubt a Topshop sweater would look as good as either of those two, too! I am sure that the material used for the Rodarte sweater is of higher quality.

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