Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011 Finale

Written By bryanboy

Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011

View from my seat at the BOSS Black/Hugo Boss spring/summer 2011 fashion show here in Berlin.

Some of the models I’ve spotted at the show: Rose Cordero, Jourdann Dunn, Jessica Stam and Iris Strubegger.

Also, the super cute German Actor, David Kross was one of my seatmates. See the video above. He sat beside me on my right. It’s funny because I didn’t recognize who he was until after the show when a frind told me he was one of the actors on that beautiful film The Reader, starring Kate Winslet. I saw that movie on the plane from Manila to Amsterdam not too long ago.


  1. Amazing, great soudtrack!
    Speaking of David Kross, I think it’s fair to say that German entertainment scene is loaded with good-looking and smoking hot act. *think Verbotene Liebe*
    owh, btw, check out my FASHION COMIC; VOGUE Manga..

  2. Hello dear! I’ve posted the video on my David Kross Fansite ( and credited you of course. If you want me to remove it then please tell me, but I would love to keep it in my news lol
    And you are so lucky D: I would do anything to even get near to David xD

  3. yes, we have many cute actors haha. do you know matthias schweighöfer? he is a really good actor too.
    the last time i saw you, you look at me with a really funny view hahaha.
    may be you remember me. i was the little asian girl that sitting on the bottom :D hahaha

  4. Yes he is a really good and a cute actor. do you know matthias schweighöfer? he is a good actor too. the last time i saw you, you look at me when i sitting around the bottom and your view was so funny hnaha. a little bit surprised but a little bit shocked too hahaha :).
    i hope i see you next time on the fashion week

  5. wow! that must be amazing. I really love the movie and the actor’s gorgeous (I wouldn’t have recognized him either, though).
    so well, you lucky guy, what’s up next? I’m curious. :)
    have a nice week, allegra

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