Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1 [Watch Online – AUSNTM6]

Written By bryanboy

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1

And they’re back!!!!!!

I love Australia’s Next Top Model! The country down undah that brought you modeling sensations like Gemma Ward, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil is also the country where the best ‘Next Top Model’ franchise is from. It’s the only one worth watching.

Watch Australia's Next Top Model Cyrcle 6 Online
Watch Online Australia's Next Top Model Cyrcle 6 Episode 1

After watching this episode, I’m rooting for KATHRYN! I’m all for tall and skinny! Also, the Avon Lady with the tan and too much makeup on… I think she’s this season’s bitch. As in, the one who would make interesting TV.

Click click click!

BTW, I wonder what happened to Jonathan Pearce. He got replaced by Josh Flinn. I liked Jonathan. He looked healthy on TV. Josh looks like he’s been around the block, you know, slings and sex clubs and all. He’s got this circuit queen look goin on. Just kidding.

So.. who do you want to win? Tell me!


  1. Team Kathryn/ abbey lee look alike
    Kelsey/ snejana look alike
    Jessica/ alana zimmer is that you?!
    Joanna/ fine fresh fierce she’s got it going on!!
    They mean business this season, what with Priscilla on the panel!!! woot! Can’t wait for an Alice Burdeu 2.0!!!

  2. Kathryn has a Miranda Kerr look in the opening credits, which could be really good for her or really bad.
    Love RAFW, such a good start to the season!

  3. Quite surprised they let Sally go. I liked her photo those shoulders are fierce.
    Can’t wait for the ‘transformation’ that turns pretty school gals to high fashion models.

  4. just wondering if all episodes will be posted on this website?, as i dont have fox 8 :(

  5. kelsey and joanna def my favs right now.
    i’m a lil surprised the judges are so nice compared to america’s next top model

  6. Eleanor

    This is tied with the irish programme ‘the model agent’ for my number one modelling show…that made me sound like i am obsessed with modelling shows…im really not, i just love both of them…go charlotte! (the judge)

  7. I love this. I think it is better than the American version. Tyra should observe and translate this in the American one.

  8. Wowww I can’t believe you watch it! I slightly disagree that it’s the best one (I prefer America’s), but as an Australian I’m glad you think so! :P I’m loving Sophie (too much make-up girl), she’s stunning. :)

  9. tyraantmcansuckit

    miss Tyra’s ANTM has nothing on AUSntm. They have real models, model scouts on panel, and not mock up runway shows but REAL shows and fashion weeks.

  10. antm sucks

    lol ANTM SUCKS!!! any real models are always eliminated early. i mean who gives a fu%$ about personality. AUSntm sure doesn’t because they look for REAL MODELS, and REAL fashion shows and fashion weeks. and Challenges are not pontless. really, benny ninja? LOL
    ALICE BURDUE is still the only NTM winner to make it at all in the industry. thanks to AUSntm.

  11. I actually like Kim,
    she’s a trouble I know but, she wasn’t the bitch, and she had a strong stand point of herself.
    I’m a fashion designer, I will book Kelsey or Kim
    but definitely not for the tanned make up with pink lips Paris looking model.

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