Anne Hathaway's 2nd Vogue Cover?

Written By bryanboy

Anne Hathaway’s 2nd Vogue Cover?

Here’s Anne Hathaway on her January 2009 American Vogue cover shoot.

Anne Hathaway Vogue Cover January 2009

Blake Lively got her 2nd cover this year… will Anne Hathaway get another cover at American Vogue?

Let’s see… Anne is working on a few films — “Love and Other Drugs” which is due to be released on November this year, “Rio” and “One Day”.

I guess we’ll see in the next few months.

I wonder when Tilda Swinton get her own American Vogue cover. Paging Anna?


  1. boo!! i want a model on the cover of vogue! & by model i don’t mean gisele. it seems that gisele is the only model who can secure a fashion cover these days. boriiing.

  2. Anne Hathaway is soo gorgeous!! She deserves every cover she gets. i think we need to see more strong females like her on the covers of our magazines!

  3. nakedandlovely

    eww! brian, did you seriously post that! We need hotness doll! She a one star. We need 5 stars! Just like u doll! xoxoxo

  4. will rihanna ever get a cover? she is somewhat more improtnt than blake lively, no?

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