Anna Dello Russo's Home

Written By bryanboy

Anna Dello Russo’s Home

Great news! After 21 years, the adoption agency called. They finally traced my fairy godmother and it’s time for reunification. It turns out, it’s streetstyle blog darling, the ravishing Anna Dello Russo, who is also Vogue Nippon’s Fashion Director at Large.

Bryanboy inside Anna Dello Russo's Apartment in Milan.

She invited me for nibbles, a drink and a chat at her gorgeous apartment after the spring/summer 2011 D&G menswear show in Milan.

Click click click!

I’ve been extremely lucky and grateful having met some of the most
wonderful people in the industry but it’s not often I get to spend
quality, dedicated time where they live.

From the moment I stepped on her Chanel doormat, I knew I was in for a
ride. Anna Dello Russo is a woman whose colossal love for fashion knows no limits. She lives and breathes fashion.

She collects clothes and accessories from the world’s best designers and owns over 4,000 pairs of shoes.

This time around, she showed me two apartments. One is where she lives (by herself and her baby Cucciolina) and the other apartment is where she store some of her clothes.

Oooh it’s the Balmain! Oooh it’s the Givenchy! Ooooh it’s the Lanvin! It’s amusing how we played ‘guess the designer’ when she showed me her precious pieces.

Anna apologized every once in a while for certain places not being ‘photogenic’ enough but to me, her apologies were unnecessary. Her apartment is full of life and full of love! While some people prefer to be minimal and have space, Anna’s apartment was a delightful visual feast; there’s always something see and something to touch in every corner.

Also, whether in chic, black frames or elaborate detailing, hundreds of personal photos are displayed throughout the apartment.

Like the rest of us, also has her own quirks.

She wears Abercrombie fleece tracksuits when flying, she collects mannequin heads and she hoards vintage socks and leggings, dating back from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, all in pristine condition.

Both of her apartments are overflowing with clothes so she stores her luggage and Louis Vuitton pieces inside this massive antique cabinet in the patio.

In spite of the bold, fashionable exterior that you see in photographs,
Anna is incredibly warm, incredibly gracious and incredibly friendly.

We sat down and talked about our careers, our personal histories, how
many, many people want to be a stylist or an editor these days, how fashion can be
too political at times, how bloggers brought back the joy and the fun and the celebration
in fashion, etc. I told her she’s soo inspirational and she offered to be my life coach…

Anyway, there was something about the way she talked that was so mesmerizing.
You can instantly feel the passion. I could listen to her for hours.

Truly an inspirational and motivational woman, let me tell you that.

With that being said, feast your eyes…


Anna Dello Russo painting

Anna Dello Russo's Chandeliers

Anna Dello Russo house

Anna Dello Russo books

Anna Dello Russo's Apartment - Bookshelf

Anna Dello Russo Pictures

Anna Dello Russo's Dresses

Anna Dello Russo's Jackets

Anna Dello Russo picture

Anna Dello Russo's Home - Jewelry

Anna Dello Russo Jewelry

Anna Dello Russo's Shoes

Anna Dello Russo Dolce & Gabbana dress

Anna Dello Russo's Apartment - Chairs

Bryanboy at Anna Dello Russo's apartment

Bryanboy and Anna Dello Russo

Thank you so much Anna for opening your doors, welcoming me to your gracious home and for giving me a peek into your wonderful world. Not only you’re a beautiful and elegant woman on the outside but you also have a heart and soul made out of gold! It was lovely meeting you at last and I hope to see you again soon. New York!!!!

Baci baci ciao ciao! Ti amo!!!


  1. Lucky lucky guy! You got to step into wonderland, and it looks out of the world! Lucky lucky you! I’m equally amazed and mesmerised.. Ms. Dello Russo does seem like a very kind and gracious host.

  2. virginia

    It’s my first time to comment here and I want to say I love you and Anna!


  4. Thanks for sharing. sounds like an awesome experience. how does she know all that she has in her closet? Is it all cataloged?

  5. i am so happy for that post two my fav fashion icon together bryan anna love it :)

  6. jaderdavila pajama as streetwear

    if envy could kill
    i would be dead by now
    i would sell my soul
    for an hour inside anna’s closet

  7. I think she is amazing. Her apartment looks like a great reflection of her style and education. Do not love the couch though but hey, maybe that’s the idea – to put something totally ugly with everything gorgeous to elevate it to the level of fabulous, right?

  8. nathan

    I really adore you and your lifestyle but honestly I don’t really like your outfit. It looks like you’re going to bed if without those gorgeous shoes.

  9. WAUW amazing! Not just that you went there, but that we are able to see her amazing apartment! :P Tks for the pics…
    Love what you guys are wearing!!

  10. mewesq

    Okay, I love, love, love clothes and I wish I had the legs and figure to wear clothes as well as she does — so, yes, I am green with envy as to that, but puleeeeze, those floors were way way to shiny and the flocked wallpaper was hideous. The chandaliers, with the fakey crystals, may have been real but looked like something from Lamps Plus. The only thing that looked real and had intrinsic value other than being the “chic of the week” find at the local thrift store was the madonna — and your pantsuit, stunning!

  11. muffintoppp

    You’re so lucky! You deserved meeting her since you both love fashion so much. Thanks sa pagshare bryanboy.

  12. I saw her three times in different blogs and she wear the same dress in all of the pictures, funny!

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