Sturehof, Stockholm

Written By bryanboy

Sturehof, Stockholm

A friend and I went to Sturehof for a Sunday afternoon creme brulee and took these pics of random Swedes on the street over a glass of rose.

I love this guy’s cardigan.

Sturehof, Stockholm

Click click click!

I swear to god, I think Stockholm is one of the very, very few cities in the world where you can sit on any spot in the city and watch a never-ending stream of good-looking people. Sunday was actually quiet. There are so many gorgeous people out on the street during weekdays. This is nothing compared to what I saw earlier in the week.

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

Ugh blurry shot.

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

His and his dressing. Everyone matches!

Sturehof, Stockholm

That’s Stockholm for you.


  1. The second man is amazing! *____*
    He seems Alexander Skarsgard!

  2. Only if people on Guam had such fashion sense. Here, an oversized surf-brand button down shirt and pleated khakis constitute as formal wear. Help me! hahaa.

  3. Heather

    Wow these men are tooooo SEXY for words!
    Thanks for the great blogs Bryan. You always make my day :D Xoxo

  4. come down to Kalmar now while you’r in sweden. it’s always nice to see a smaller city :P

  5. come down to Kalmar now while you’r in sweden. it’s always nice to see a smaller city :P

  6. Felix

    I’m pretty sure the cardigan is H&M – I’ve got the same grey/green and I love it ;)
    And the people in Sweden are really good looking, you’re so right!

  7. gerardo c. franco

    What can I say, these men are not only hot and gorgeous. They are so ultimately delicious!

  8. wow looks like an editorial or something. i like your camera =)

  9. intoxication of total bliss

    i should go to stockholm and be in paradise just sitting in a coffee shop and viola good looking male genes it would be a total bliss!

  10. MondeiRosa

    I love your blogs esp this one. Swedish guys are so undeniably sexy!

  11. lowell

    aren’t there any stylish women in sweden bb?l, but who cares about them right?we’re not,

  12. i cant deny that people in sweden dress very well, BUT Sturehof is located on Stureplan which is where the wealthiest Stockholmers hang out and that is problaby why all the men are so well-dressed

  13. The Cardigan is from H&M and sells for like less than 50 dollars :) love you and hate my self that i didn’t know that you were in stockholm

  14. Its kinda boring though that they all dress the same. No diversity. Swedish people are so afraid of standing out, its too bad! Im swedish and stayed in NYC for a year, and the difference! Holymoly! But yeah swedish guys are hotter though hehe ;)

  15. Russell

    Swedish people are generaly more fit and good looking than other nations but that looses alot of cache when everyone dresses with an Ikea or H&M mentality, i prefer my men and women with a bit more individuality please

  16. 3rd picture from the bottom, Chuck Bass is that you? ;)
    They all definitely have a great style! Casual and Chic.

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