Spinetastic Dsquared2 Shoes

Written By bryanboy

Spinetastic Dsquared2 Shoes


That's the first thing I did when I saw these very special ankle booties from (hold on to your seat) Dsquared at Luisa Via Roma.

Dsquared Spine Ankle Boots

They also come in a bandage sandal version…

Dsquared Spine Sandals

Are you getting chills running down your spine?

How amazing are they?

The heel is about 6-7 inches high and the boots were super comfortable.

Trust me, I tried.


  1. I love this shoes plus all the clothes in their last runway on milans fashion week was amazing!!!

  2. i feel like these have been everywhere today. still, i could never get bored of them. such a masterpiece.

  3. These are pretty fancy. I’d be too scared of ruining them to wear them outside-they’d be take-in-a-bag-and-put-on-in-the-taxi boots, I think.

  4. These are beautiful. As soon as I saw them I giggled imagining them as the main image in a PSA by chiropractors against high heels.

  5. Oh, I remember seeing these at the luisaviaroma website.
    They’re amazing and their price is too!

    I loved all the ladies DSquared2 shoes collection for this season.
    The varnished studded sandals they did were absolutely gorgeous too!

  6. ive been seeing these shoes everywhere!! theyre so high, a lovely bone collection!

  7. zbsports

    This shoes is very unique the heels is unbelievable…I am speechless.:D

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