Miu Miu Store Florence, Italy

Written By bryanboy

Miu Miu Store Florence, Italy

The Miu Miu store in Florence is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Savoy where I’m currently staying. Even though men’s Miu Miu was discontinued a long time ago, Miu Miu remains close to my heart because of all the beautiful, chic things that are available there. 

Miu Miu store Firenze, Italy

Click click click!

Miu Miu store Firenze

Just look at the gorgeous orange collar and the details of the dress. It’s sad that the collar isn’t available to buy separately. They have two other collars for sale in a different style (bow) and they come in pistachio and lilac.

Miu Miu dress and collar

Miu Miu shop florence, italy

Also, check out these ankle bibs…

Miu Miu ankle bibs

I fell in love with a pair of shiny silver glitter oxford shoes, about 390 euros, but they weren’t available in my size. I didn’t want to leave the store empty-handed so I bought a pair of sunnies for good measure. I have four weeks more of traveling to do and I really should watch my spending. Once my big paycheck hits my bank account (I hope SOON), lemme tell you, I’m gonna shop for real!!!

Miu Miu sunglasses

Miu Miu is located at:

Hotel Savoy
Via Roma 8, Firenze Italy

That’s all!


  1. I wish them sale the collars separately, so I can match them with my water color sheer top…

  2. I used to walk by here everyday on my way to work when I lived in Firenze for 6 months. Some days I would just stare at a pair of shoes for like 25 minutes. Obsessed. What a magical city! xo.

  3. Whitney

    I just love this collection! Every single dress from it makes me wanna be Olivia Palermo or Carrie Bradshaw and be able to buy all of them… Do you know what may be the price of this second dress? The one with the collar… I think I’m in love!

  4. Deidre

    So excited for your big paycheck! Can’t wait to see what you buy…

  5. what lovely collars! i also cant wait to see what you spend with your big blowout paycheck! i recent purchased a calf skin miu miu tote. it was only about approx. US$1600. i live in seoul and according to the shop person seoul is one of the cheapest places to purchase miu miu items. however there are only 3 stores in seoul but i guess thats not too bad considering theres only one valentino and other exclusive stores. theres a bunch of hermes boutiques though. my next bag purchase is going to be a black hermes constance with the gold logo. i want the crocodile one but thats a little out of my league. i hear hawaii is the cheapest place because its tax free. im going to hawaii in august so ill most likely purchase it there. do you have any suggestions for me?

  6. go to the outlets there bryan. panalo dun sa space and the mall.

  7. Miu Miu is becomming one of my favoourite brands.
    The latest SS, FW and resort collections have all been amazing.

    I also love their florence store in particular. When I was in Florence to redo the Bottega Veneta store, I used to pass by Miu Miu every now and then just to look at the beautiful window displays.

  8. Beautiful pieces!
    I have such a love affair with Miu Miu, it suits me perfectly.

    The shoes you wanted to buy sound gorgeous, what a shame they didn’t have your size.

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