Firenze Fever

Written By bryanboy

Firenze Fever

How funny. Spent eight days in Stockholm, flew to Manila for less than 2 days and after 22 hours and two delayed flights not to mention baggage problems, I'm back in Europe again. This time I'm in Florence, Italy.

I'm staying at the spectacular Savoy Hotel…

Hotel Savoy Firenze

… here's the amazing view from my balcony.

Hotel Savoy Florence

And Piazza della Repubblica at night.

Piazza della Repubblica

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Time to get some shuteye.


  1. I love Firenze!
    The fabulous Duomo, Galleria degli Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio…

    Whenever I have a couple of days off, I escape from hectic, grey Milan and go there.

    You have to eat the “bistecca alla fiorentina” at Buca Lapi. Best steak in Florence imo.

  2. Enjoy Florence, it is an amazing city, all that Z fashion blog has said is true & there is more : you must see the San Marco convent with the Fra Angelico fresco. So much beauty is absolutely breathtaking. Ever heard of the Stendhal syndrome?

  3. Hi Bryan!
    Have you found your luggage at the end?!?
    It’s awful! I would have hysterics!
    I hope to meet you in Florence: I love your blog!

  4. Andrew Mackinnon

    Any chance of any ‘Bryan Boy’s Room’ posts? Loved the last one! :)

  5. OMG you shitting me with the bagage-delay? Haha that’s so Sweden…other countries would just go with one shipping-option…but nooo, we have to be as democratically correct as possible…and have Florens miss out on them BB Heels…well…work them skeletons babydoll!

  6. oh my gosh! I went there on a school trip for a week, and my hotel was right behind the really bright lamp post, there is restaurant behind there and and at the end of the trip we all went on that carousel! Such an amazing place. I remember looking at the square from our window and watching people sell fake gucci,and hearing a police siren, i have never seen people move so fast!

    Good Times!

    hope you are having fun! eat lots of gelato!


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