Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

Written By bryanboy

Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

When I went clubbing over the weekend, the guy who managed the door at Berns (aka 'the pointer' because he points at random people and decides who to let inside) seemed to be unfazed when I wore my glitter playsuit as I walked straight to the front of the queue. "Are those Finsk shoes?" he asked. "Yes," I replied.

Just like that, I was able to get into what I thought was the best club night in Stockholm. How he was able to see my black pony skin wedges in the dark remains a
mystery to me.

Finsk Shoes

What I do know is that I fell in love with these babies the first time I saw them online. Even Women's Wear Daily recognized my obsession.

Ask yourself — when was the last time you had that pulsating
feeling? You know, that "oh my god, I really have to have it or else I
would die
" feeling? I consider myself lucky and privileged to be able to see beautiful things as part of my job. However, it's been a long, very long time since my poor precious heart pounded so hard. That's how I felt when I saw those Finsk pony skin wedges. Finsk designer Julia Lundsten is my fave shoemaker.

If you don't see me eat at nice places this month, I only have these shoes to
blame!!! LOL. The price, I must admit, is a bit whack, but every single penny is worth it. They're incredibly well-made and super comfortable to walk in, in spite of the height. I recommend that you size up if you're thinking of buying a pair. It's a bit tight and narrow on the sole… they didn't have size 41 so I settled
for 40, which fits me just fine.

Now go! They come in black and gray.


  1. Indian luxury clothes designer Tarun Tahiliani once said ‘what’s the point of spending money on expensive food and champagne when ultimately you’re going to piss it out and sh*t it out?’ It resonates so much with you choosing not to eat at nice places.

  2. I have those black ponyskin wedges and I LOVE THEM. Finsk is the best! I have about 10 pairs of Finsks now, and have ordered three pairs for fall.

  3. Hoho We were talking bout the same finsk’s. Thats what you get reading a blog from the top and down.

  4. Francoise

    Love Finsk – i have 3 pairs of them (2 wedges) and I already saw at least 3 pairs I’m going to buy for the fall. :)

  5. Um, some of you really need to stop with the showing off. Read your comments, and you will realise how snobby and stuck up you seem. We don’t really care if you’re incredibly rich and able to buy loads of Finsk Wedges.
    (not you Bryan Boy, I love your modesty :p)
    PS. loveeeee the wedges <3

  6. I am in love with these as well… i’ve been scoping out all the colors for a few weeks now. pice is a bit heavy for me… if only!


  7. Julia Lundsten is my cousin! :)I think this pair is the most beautiful thing i´ve ever seen! Shame you just get these babys in a couple of stores in Finland :(

  8. Chokolat

    where did you get Finsk shoes?? I’m in New York City and I try many way to get THEM!!

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