Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011 Show Invitation

Written By bryanboy

Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011 Show Invitation

As you know, I'm currently in Paris. I'll be here for some menswear and haute couture shows.

I won't be doing as much shows as I want to as I was late in sending my show requests but I have to give kudos to the wonderful folks at Christian Dior for accommodating me on the very, very last minute.

Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show Invitation

It's my first foray to the wonderful world of Christian Dior. I'm excited! It's such an honor to be invited to Dior Homme. Perhaps next time, women's pret-a-porter and haute couture…

One can only dream….


  1. Hi.. For how long will you be at Paris?? Hope to see you there. N hope to grab a picture with you too..

  2. freja garbo

    your definitely a lucky boy
    and i’m jealous.
    but what going to happen to you when the invitations dry up.
    get a real job.

  3. I’ve been reading your blog since 2006 and it’s only until now that I know your real last name. I’m excited for your coverage!

  4. Freja Garbo – Just be quiet please. Bryanboy will probably get a job on a magazine or something like that.
    I’m jealous that your attending Diors show! :)

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