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Blog Love

I'm currently here in Florence to celebrate Luisa Via Roma's 10th year anniversary of As you know, I've supported them for as long as I can remember and it's wonderful to see how they've evolved over the years. Luisa Via Roma is one of my favourite online stores. Their selection is amazing and they have always been the first in posting collections in advance.

Luisa Via Roma Florence

It's my first time to visit Florence so you can imagine how I had goosebumps when I passed the store on during my night stroll. The store is a block away from my hotel!

Anyhoo, this bag was waiting for me when I arrived into my room.

The folks at Luisa Via Roma sent me this very cheeky t-shirt.


It's the perfect antidote to THIS.

Just sayin' :-)


  1. Ooh, that sign is so nostalgic — I was in floremce for a time not too long and I passed by that sign every day with sad longing. I lived about five mimutes away from the Duomo as well.

  2. definitely is the best online shopping website. Considering they sell F/W 2010 for Burberry for preorder and it should arrive September 30th, and Burberry doesn’t even let you do preorders.

  3. Luisa Via Roma is one of the very few interesting on-line stores for men’s fashion.

    Finally Net-a-Porter are launching their men’s Site, but I think Luisa Via Roma will still carry more interesting brands (Lanvin, YSL, Dior Homme..etc).

  4. this shirt is fantastic!!!!!especially for blogger meetings, hehe! luisa store is amazing, and florence too enjoy it! I love that city, miss her a lot! baciii

  5. I hope to see you in Florence in this days (it could be fantastic to take u a picture and post it on my “new-born” blog!)! have fun!

  6. I hope to see you in florence in this days (it would be fantastic to take you a picture and post it on my “new-born” blog!)…have fun!

  7. I likee the shirt! fantabulous blog you have and will def be following…


  8. Yeah, LVR is definately where it’s at online. Most online stores seem to get worse as time goes by, not so with LVR.

  9. Love the blog, your style is individual and just a bit fabulous.

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