Baggage Delay 2.0

Written By bryanboy

Baggage Delay 2.0

Italia, we have a problem. It's like KLM all over again.

I recently sent my luggage via courier from my hotel in Stockholm to Florence for convenience and to save money from paying ridiculous, per-kilo excess baggage fees. I brought several suitcases with me because it's gonna be a very busy month and a half.

I called my hotel in Florence to see to ensure they've received my luggage safely and the concierge told me, nope, they haven't received anything for me yet.

I checked the courier's website lo and behold I found this:

Estimated delivery: June 14, 2010 – 8PM

My heart stopped. I arrive in Florence this Thursday, June 10. Why the long delivery time?

I picked up the phone and the courier told me that my bags are gonna
be delivered to Italy by truck (aka Ground service).

Turns out that I selected "International Economy" instead of "International Priority" on the form and there's no way for them to change the
service because the shipment already left the station in Stockholm..

How was I supposed to know International Economy is the land equivalent of the slow boat?

I can't believe it. With my current workload and schedule, I have no time for this BULLSHIT.

My clothes are there, my toiletries are there, 10 pairs of shoes are there, my handbags, my accessories, my glitter playsuits, my Finsk wedges and yes, my "never-leave-home-without" Sally Hansen airbrush legs are there.

I have tons of events from June 11 onwards. What to do, what to do?

Please refrain from being oh so predictable by telling me to 'shop' and buy shit. Money doesn't grow on trees! I'll shop if you pay my bills and wire cashola into my bank account.

Also, I have travel insurance but this is not covered because I sent my luggage via commercial courier not via commercial flight (ie. I didn't travel with it).

I need a miracle. That's what I need.

Now who wants to lend me clothes and shoes?

Please don't laugh at me when I show up in Nike trainers.

That's all.

photo credit: rodeo magazine


  1. smile

    kay, if anyone can pull a fab outfit out of their proverbial butthole, it’d be you. god knows how much awesome pieces you have. if not, you can always try vintage stores. i mean, they sell sick stuff for cheap :)

  2. how much did it cost you to send things like that via courier service? that’s a good idea but i’m guessing it must be expensive, huh?

  3. Oh no!
    That’s awful :(
    Could any designer friends help you out a little by sending you things like they have before??
    Or do you know anyone in Florence who could lend you money / clothes?
    I’m sure some brand there would be happy to sponsor you! Especially if you’re going to events? Do you have any blog sponsors who would? That’s what I do!!
    Hope it all works out,
    lots of love x

  4. OMG. Diaster!
    You poor thing.
    I wrote a comment but it says it disappeared. . .
    Could you ask any designer friends to send things like they have before? Even just on loan?!
    Do you have blog sponsors who could send you clothes? That’s what I do!!
    Otherwise local friends / companies you work with who could lend you money / clothes? I’m sure there’s a brand or something in Florence that would happily lend / sponsor you especially if you’re wearing them to big events!
    good luck!
    lots of love x

  5. OMG did you buy the Finks wedges in el swedo? Man, I was there and looked at them before going home to a whole other suede, but thats the fact, I LOOKED AT THEM, they are not here with me.. If we talk about the same wedges, maybe we don’t, AND so, let me say I’m so so sorry for you, 10 shoes, And this is for real, a heavy thing to loose/ or be without for a while.. The shoes is the outfit!

  6. Karen

    If that is all your problem… bless you!… I have my kid dying and there is no transport that could help him!…

  7. Uh… Karen… this is a fashion blog.

    Perhaps you’re crying to the wrong crowd darling.

    My sympathies to your kid all the same, but, well, yeah… wrong site.

    BryanBoy… you probably have to go shopping. Eeek.

  8. Don’t worry Bryan boy, your beautiful friends in Italy will come through for you, bringing you nice clothes and shoes. Just remember, behind every problem and uncertainty, there lies a golden opportunity. It will be an anti-climax; your situation when you land there. Don’t get mad, but I would actually like to see you dress average in trainers. :)

  9. omg… absolutely bullshit. It’s ridiculous for things to go THAT slow..
    I would suggest…a shopping spree =P

  10. That was f*cked up. Didn’t ‘economy’ and ‘priority’ ring any bells? I’m surprised.
    Would it be too late to create your own clothes? I thought that was your project before.

  11. i’m a fan bboy but why do you keep talking like you were born and raised in the uk?! so pretentious!

  12. Martin

    If it’s still in Denmark, ask them if they can mail it to me, and I’ll forward it the same second as they deliver it – in the highest priority possible.

  13. you need to teach me how to pack luggage for long distance. or did you just shovel them all in?

  14. Oh No!!
    S.O.S. via twitter’s a good idea.
    And for events, kick it poor-girl style: shop, leave tags on if possible, wear once, return!
    Good luck; maybe the luggage will magically arrive early!

  15. hello bryanboy,

    i guess you can make a dash for the Gucci office in Florence, i saw it when i was there…maybe they can be of help….unless youre not into their type of clothes he he he….if not then summon all your powers to attract fairy god mothers..:) you take care always!!!


  17. I’m the new reader of yr fantastic blog.
    Just wanna say.. I faced the same situation like you!
    What the tricky between Economy & Priority, who knows?
    If I knew you before, maybe I can remind you to avoid this tricky.. haha^^
    Anyway, think positive.. u wl get the luggage soon.

  18. Sounds like some events are going to have to be missed, if no one comes through for you…That’s an awful to have happen to you. I know this isn’t funny but you have the worst horror stories when travelling and I find them amusing…Terrible, I know…
    check my blog –

  19. Joanne NYC

    bryan, we are all pretty bored of hearing you complain about lost luggage and how you want us to buy you shit. isn’t this a fashion blog?

  20. electric

    guess you’ll never make that mistake again
    live and learn is all you can do
    it could be worse.

  21. WOW! i would die, seriously, I would befriend the floor and JUST DIE! (the cute calf skin booties, dead on the floor!)

    Solution: frocks, leggings, shirts, scissors, glue-gun, safety pins, hardware stores, material shops… GO wild! (you’ll be surprised at the wonderful harems a dress with long slits can do if pinned correctly! HAIR! go wild! divert the attention from the shoes with charm – eye-contact.)

    Heck, i’ve lost essential pieces during Cape Town Fashion Week (and Africa Fashion Week) and the thrift-found frocks made much more appealing pieces than the designer pieces i had!

    Enjoy (PS> good luck with the luggage drama)

    PSS> WTF are “we are bored crowds” going on about? if you don like, skip (not reading is an option ja kno, excercise your freedom of choice and stop (((((YAWN))))) boring us with your drama-free dullsville peasantry thoughts).


  22. Deidre

    I don’t have a solution, nor do I posses magical powers. But in situations like these I always surprise myself with how well I cope and the solutions I come up with. You are very resourceful and a fashion icon. If anyone can deal with this problem and be absolutely faboosh its you.
    bisous from Seattle!

  23. miriam

    Uh… Soph… this is a fashion blog.
    Perhaps BryanBoy is crying in the wrong site, we don’t care about his big problem of having his lugagge delayed.
    Poor boy, he will have to shop for more clothes..

  24. BB…you’re still cute and all that for the time being but this post was a bit too cunty, arrogant, & condescending. Bring back the sweet & endearing you that we all fell in love with back when you were still a boy..nothing worse than a bitchy queen. Seriously babe..many of your posts show you are losing perspective.

  25. dummy this is his site. he can write any shit he wants for all i care

  26. Tonico

    Bryan, luckly you are a very creative person and should must have found a solution. But I agree with Pollo… You made a bad choice by choosing the wrong service from FedEx, an amazing courier company… You went for the cheap option and should have asked the difference and delivery times for their economy service… Bring back your creative side and focus your blog on what you do best… your comments here makes you frivolous and shallow. I’m loosing interest…

  27. HAHA your so funny bryanboy, and i see a native back pack on your table! oh, i know you’ll figure something out! fabulously…. =)

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