A Shaded View of Florence

Written By bryanboy

A Shaded View of Florence

Fellow fashion blogger and friend Diane Pernet arrived today in Florence for Pitti.

She’s staying at the same hotel as I am and she’s one floor up. Thought I’d visit to say hello… it’s been quite awhile since I last saw her.

Diane Pernet

You should have seen her reaction when she opened the door and saw me. She was like, “stop! wait right there…” and she grabbed her camera to take a photo of me. It turns out that it was the first time she smiled today.

Fun times!


  1. Angeles

    Absolutely hysterical story! Love her, so unique and you…you are a lucky guy.
    Have fun in Florence and don’t miss the Museum, Uffizi Museum, it’s a MUST, FABULOUS!

  2. Ehi, I live in Florence =D. You are a lucky guy.
    If you want I can be your tour guide, ahahahah XD.

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