Why Singapore, Why?

Written By bryanboy

Why Singapore, Why?

The image you are about to see after the jump is quite graphic. You’ve been warned.

Click click click!

Strangely enough, the more I see these images, the more I want to reach out for a ciggie.

photo of a dead fetus, marlboro pack

Must quit soon.


  1. Laveena

    Wow thats great, good going Singapore! Smoking kills.

  2. Oh no BB you will not be able to produce healthy babies! The worst picture on the British packets are of an Asian man with a cow brain for a neck… rather nasty but not dead red babies. I’m more interested in figuring out what the hell ice blast Marlboros are.

  3. Wow that is quite disturbing and confronting ! Seems like the only thing making people in Australia want to quit at the moment is increased prices on tobacco !

  4. Hahaha. Their attempt to get people to quit smoking. These images have been on the packs for quite awhile already.. They don’t seem to be effective though =)

  5. Oh shit, well don’t get preggers and you and the baby will be ok

  6. hey do you know that this ciggie has that thing that you have to pop on the filter so that it’ll be more minty?

  7. Would just love to carry one of those packs in my pocket all day.
    Isn’t it strange how we get encouraged to start smoking with all the advertising, and then when we hooked they try to get us to quit.

  8. @RJ yes it’s the one where you pop the filter.
    it’s been around for quite awhile and apparently only Singapore has it

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